How to Connect Two Monitors to One Computer in 3 steps

Connect Two Monitors To One Computer: in homes and businesses have become more popular during the day. Dual or multiple monitors can be used to increase productivity by allowing unlocking multiple programs at the same time between users' applications.

How to Connect Two Monitors to One Computer in 3 steps

Connect Dual Monitors in One Computer  details

Setting up multiple monitors, however, is not directly an affair. This is not an addition to the Connect Dual Monitors with One Computer. If your computer supports additional monitors, there are a few things you can learn before investing in the additional monitor, the number of ports that your graphics card supports or the number of outputs your computer has.

Step 1: Check the available ports

The first thing you need to check before going to Connect Two Monitors to one Computer is to Check the type of ports available on your laptop or PC:


b) Display Port

c) DVI

d) Thunderbolt

e) VGA

Several Computers have more than one ports, a closer examination allows you to identify the nature of the port. If your computer has more than two ports, this video card can send one output signal to both. It is also possible to get more slots available for desktop extra video cards. This means that if your desktop is only a port, you will find slots available for another card if you pop on the back cover. When it comes to laptops, investing in a docking station, it also enhances your laptop to have two or more ports to connect two monitors in one computer.

Step 2: Check Video Card Settings

If you have two ports and they do not work at the same time, the next thing you can do if you have the ability to display your video card, multiple monitors.

To Connect Two Monitors in one computer do these following steps,

  • Click on the Start menu and type the presentation. 
  • Then click on "Display Settings". 
  • Click on Advanced Display Settings, available at the bottom of this window. 
  • If your graphics card identifies the number of monitored monitors, you can see the display adapter features for each connected display. 
  • If more than one displays, your card will have the ability to Connect Two Monitors. If you see only one, your video card can only use one port at a time. The case is the second and if you cannot work on dual screens, you can try some more techniques.

Step 3: Research your graphics card

If you are not sure whether your computer supports Two Monitors in  One Computer, the next thing you can do is examine the graphics card. The first step you need to do is learn more about your graphics card.

  • Click Start, and then type 'Performance Managers'. 
  • Click on it and expand display adapters. 
  • Take a look at the brand and make your graphics adapter. 
  • Google name is available after multiple performance or multi-monitor and you can see if your graphics card supports multiple monitors. 
  • You can configure your screens by clicking on it and then type in the display settings.