How to System Restore Windows 10 to the Previous Version

How to System Restore Windows 10 to the Previous Version

 How to System Restore Windows 10 to the Previous Version

You do not want Windows 10 properly, you'll easily return to the Previous Version.

As within the previous version, many users, like you, discovered Windows 10. In various forums, we note that folks complain about connection problems after upgrading to Windows 10. Some old features are missing and inconvenient with this remake.

However, what causes you to hamper Windows 10, our how-to guide will assist you to do that without losing your stuff.

So, if you would like to System Restore to your old OS, here’s a step by step guide for you.

In Win 10, fortunately, you have the option to restore Windows 10 to the Previous Version. that allows you to switch to the old version of Windows. Windows is very simple. However, you should use this option for 30 days from the day if you have successfully installed Windows 10 on your computer.

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Before you start working with this guide, do not forget that you have the option of System Restore to the Previous Version. Please remark that this downgrade option runs on an upgraded computer running Windows 8.1.8 or Windows 7 to Windows 10. This option isn't available for you under the subsequent conditions:

  • If your pc is bought with preinstalled Windows 10
  • Before installing Windows 10, you have a hard disk format

If you fulfill the on top of conditions, follow these steps:

     Go to the Windows 10 settings page to find the sliding window.

    1. Hit the “Settings” option next initiating the “Start” menu.

How to System Restore Windows 10 to the Previous Version

      2. As soon as you click on this option, a settings window will open in front of you, here you will find various options such as account, time and language, privacy, updates, and security.

You can click on the last option, which means that you can see screenshots in the update and security section.
 How to System Restore Windows 10 to the Previous Version

3. During this option (updates and security) you'll find an alternative choice called Restore, which is named Left.

How to System Restore Windows 10 to the Previous Version

And correctly, you'll find the choice "Go 8 in Windows 8". Click to continue and start the downgrade process.

Before starting the method, confirm that you simply are logged in as a manager since you'll not be ready to see this feature if you're logged into a standard or guest account. If you are doing not know the loaded account, you'll confirm this by following the steps below.

  •  Open the "Restart" menu and click on on the "Account" area at the highest of the menu. This field displays the image and the name of the currently used account.

How to System Restore Windows 10 to the Previous Version

  • In the "Account area" click on the button Change Account Settings.

How to System Restore Windows 10 to the Previous Version

It will provide login information. If you do not see the manager under the account name, it means that you are not in the account manager or administrator.

Now log into the administrator account and try again.

 Now be able to restore Windows 10 within the previous version.

 Start the downgrade process

  1. Go to the "Recovery" tab, which is out there within the "Updates and Security" section of the mentioned programs for Windows 10.
  2. Click the "Start" key at bottom of the "Back to Windows 8" button.
  3. Now you'll see a panel for Windows 10 Revival and Reasons. If you see several reasons on the list, you ought to check the box that's available for these reasons. Since this is often a crucial step within the process, select any reason and click on the subsequent options.
  4. You will find options for installing the latest updates. If you would like to downgrade, don't choose any thanks.
  5. Next, you will see the following dialog box. You will continue to click on the next option.
  6. The dialog box should advise you to remember the password for your account again. Click "Next" to continue.
  7. Now you have come to the last post “Thanks for testing Windows 10”. Here you'd wish to click "Return to Windows eight or 7". Restart the computer and begin the downgrade process. Your old version of Windows may take a while.

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