Whatsapp Latest Version Comes With 7 New Features

  • Whatsapp Latest Version Comes With 7 New Features

Whatsapp Latest Version Comes With 7 


Whatsapp Latest version will be accessible now. In the new version of Whatsapp will appreciate loads of astounding features. In this article I am going to disclose to you what are the 5 new features, Whatapp added to their application. And furthermore, the two most fascinating feature, which will go to include soon.

One of the mainstream web-based life, Whatsapp has loads of features to give a stunning feature to its client. The stunning features, smooth visiting administrations of Whatsapp makes the most well-known web-based messing application.

On the off chance that you didn't update your cell phone, you should update your Whatsapp now then you can appreciate these astounding features. You can download the most recent version Whatsapp from the given underneath play store download connection or you can update your Whatsapp by setting off to the google play store straightforwardly.

All right, I trust you updated your Whatsapp. Now, how about we know the features in detail and I will likewise reveal to you how you might appreciate these or what settings you have to do.

Whatsapp Latest Version Comes With 7 New Features 

I will give you the detail of every one of these features and doing the procedure. I trust you will see pleasantly.

1# Group Video Calling

Whatsapp is a standout amongst the most well-known stages where we utilize the video calling feature. Now Whatsapp new version accompanies group video calling feature. Now we can appreciate video calling with your part of companions together in Whatsapp.
This feature is stunning where we can associate with multiple individuals. However, this feature has a restriction, here you can appreciate just a video call just a limit of four individuals. On the off chance that somebody needs to stop he can, the video call will proceed. Now, we should know what the procedure for video calls in the group is.

  • To make a group video call, from the get-go, make a video call with one individual then you will see the contact list option on the correct corner, click here to include the contact.

Whatsapp Latest Version Comes With 7 New Features

At that point select the individual which you need to include your video call. What's more, do a similar procedure again on the off chance that you need to include someone else.

Whatsapp Latest Version Comes With 7 New Features

NOTE: To do the group video call ensure that all WhatsApp is the most recent or updated version.

2# Group Voice Calling

We as a whole make the voice call from our versatile straightforwardly as well as. As I see Whatapp voice calling feature likewise going to famous however it isn't well known as the video call. I add some of the time utilize this feature, not routinely. Yet, it is uplifting news for us all that we can appreciate a voice with more than one individual in the meantime.

  • In the event that we talk about the procedure, it is equivalent to group video calling.

  • At first, you have to call an individual and when the call is associated then tap the include contact symbol appeared in the upper right corner.

  • At that point include the contact. The additional contact will appear with the comma.

Whatsapp Latest Version Comes With 7 New Features

3# Only Admin Can Message on Group

I am certain that we as a whole have something like one Whatsapp group. We as a whole use the Whatsapp group to impart significant data to the group of the specific individuals. In the Whatsapp new feature on the off chance that you are an administrator of your group, at that point, no one but you can message in this group yet another part can see these messages yet they can't.
  • This is likewise an awesome feature, isn't that so? Anyway, how might you set up this? This is simple, how about we know.

  • Just go to the Whatsapp and snap the group.

  • Click the group name bar.

Whatsapp Latest Version Comes With 7 New Features
  • After this you will find the alternative Group setting, essentially click here.
Whatsapp Latest Version Comes With 7 New Features

  • Now click the Send Messages alternative and after that select the only admins.

This procedure is finished now just I mean administrator can message in the group

4# Whatsapp Report

Now WhatsApp accompanies report feature in the Whatsapp latest version update. All in all, what is this report features? I am letting you know. Whatsapp report feature is that you can get the report of your entire action in WhatsApp till now an entire record data.

  • In my view, it is a decent feature. You simply need to complete a straightforward procedure to get a report on your work.
  • Go to your WhatsApp at that point click the three dots, appeared in the upper right corner.
  • And after that go to the Setting.

Whatsapp Latest Version Comes With 7 New Features

  • After this go to the Account option and after that click the choice Request account info.

Whatsapp Latest Version Comes With 7 New Features

  • Finally, click the Export Report.

Whatsapp Latest Version Comes With 7 New Features
After doing this procedure the Whatsapp will demonstrate to you the message with a date. You simply need to hold up some days, you will get a notice when your report is readied. Do a similar procedure to gather the report.

5# Forward Message

Counterfeit news in internet-based life has crossed the farthest point. Particularly on Facebook and Whatsapp, we can tell the wellspring of viral the phony news. Facebook and Whatsapp likewise make a lot of features to shield us from phony news. This feature is one of them and it additionally accompanies the Whatsapp latest version update.

Whatsapp Latest Version Comes With 7 New Features

In this framework when you make an impression on another then it will demonstrate the straightforward message yet on the off chance that you forward a message, at that point the message will run with the word forward. In the event that you don't see please observe the image, given above.

6# Whatsapp Payment

The online installment feature will be accessible soon in your WhatsApp. Online cash exchange is now prominent nowadays, where Paytm, BHIM, PhonePe and so forth takes puts in this field. Now Whatsapp will go to dispatch their online cash exchange administration.

Now you can exchange cash at the season of visiting utilizing a financial balance. I am revealing to you that WhatsApp will be the main internet-based life stage where we get the cash exchange administrations. The exchange cash will appear in the message. The full strategy to exchange cash will be told in this site after WhatsApp full version update, keep update with us.

7# Spam Link Detect

Spam connection can gather your information and your everything data too. Now don't stress over the suspicious, spam and so on connection supposing that you get any spam interface in WhatsApp then it will appear red shading I mean the WhatsApp will enlighten you regarding the connection, you get in the message.

No to need to do any sort of setting for this.


These updates are now beta versions. You can utilize every one of the features in the Whatsapp most recent version update. You can reveal to me what up and coming feature you adore most. On the off chance that you have any sort of inquiry identified with this subject, you can openly ask me.