How to train Cortana in Windows 10

How to train Cortana in Windows 10

How to train Cortana in Windows 10

Might be you get know about Cortana as the digital voice assistant obsolete Windows Phone mobile platform, Microsoft’s Halo game Series name was given after AO character

Starting with the Windows 10 system, Cortana is a new system of business systems that have many features and features of personality. Also, Katana works on windows.

Sign in and get started

Cortana has some basic parts that you can use for recording, but if it finds the best part, it will open in your Microsoft account. To do so, you can force the button in the search box of Gordana "Katana." At your click, click the button and follow the instructions below.
How to train Cortana in Windows 10

Set up of Cortana

Type “Settings Cortana” enter into the search box. The first is with “Cortana search results settings”- click it (And be able to see your sign in to Notebook - see next page). There are several options here, but you are the first time the name of Jehovah appeals to higher Cortana control. However, in high-traffic is not required to complete.

If only people use your name or if you work in such an accident, the blue letter: Hello Cortana "I say." "" There is no real thing in the whole program, so if you can easily use one of the eyes, the Cortana window and your school is "sound".

If you just want to make sure Cortana complies, select the box "I'm trying."

On the other hand, this information exchange is about to "change" Cortana to "points". If you want to keep life on your computer or use a computer without a microphone, this is useful. You can enhance the program by clicking on the microphone button in the search bar.

"Yes, History and Permission are important to know." The Cortana, and you can access information about the device at a time because the short and long term of the court and Microsoft must be. Your personal circumstances, security services, or you can enter.

If you want to report Cortana using a domain name, you can open the Cortana window by clicking Windows Temperature to subscribe and open the "About me" group. Press the "Rename My Name" button and enter a hand to call.

Use one menu to change the best places and places where Cortana can send you local newsletters.

Show or hide the search key

How to train Cortana in Windows 10

Cortana uses a simple search window ("available only when the contractor is still") or "live" with a simple button that goes directly into the blessing. You can choose between these steps or hide your search at all. Click on the right-hand side of the taskbar, move the mouse to the "Cortana" field, select "Show Search" or "Show box".
You can select "Unseen", which removes the quota completely. However, you can press the Windows + S button and start the keyboard, or just launch the Start menu when you start it.

Cortana Home

When you click the search button, you can see Cortana's main screen, all screen information and personal ideas that Cortana is now interested in.

You can find more information about what is shown and what is shown in the Notepad section. "Diagram" Cortana interface. To remove the entire section, click on "Hide Heads" or "Edit Note" to get the relevant Notepad pages.

Cortana's notebook

Click on the key to the left of the key to unlock the Cortana window to complete the search and search. Your way of facilitating Cortana is to maintain and manage your advice, as well as provide you with questions and other search queries. With the other small components, you can activate or delete different results and searches.

There is information available online and special offers and "getting to know" when searching for them. If you do not like your product, you can use it several times (for example, choose the best vacation home or your store). or simply forget the "do not forget" card. to get Cortana.

Click on each submenu to see what you can change or change. Some are very strong. This post will allow you to analyze articles on public and private topics.

Connect to an account

Context account access provides other services that Microsoft and Cortana use. At least minimal interest (and the use of individual actions of the curtain), it is better to forgive them. For privileges, you can delete your account or post it using Cortana's website and computer.


We want to remind you that you are looking for it in Cortana. For example, "Automatic reminders" automatically generate an on-screen reminder at a time when people (when you meet one of your Microsoft contacts) or a place (when your computer or phone proves it is good of a touch.) a convenient place).

Manage the current reminders or add them manually, click on the address, on the address, then select "Reminder" from the list. By already clicking on the reminder, you can edit or delete it. In the right corner, click the "+" button to create a new one.

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