How to change WhatsApp status in Snapchat Stories?

How to change WhatsApp status in Snapchat Stories?

How to change WhatsApp status in Snapchat Stories?

WhatsApp always turns off the updated and timely updates but excludes the latest updates. WhatsApp has previously uploaded the Facebook, Snapshot, and Instagram Story, Whatsapp off automatically after 24 hours. This article describes how to update WhatsApp on Snapchat Stories and how to use Photo / Video / GIF in WhatsApp mode on iPhone / Android. You can see the status update and see if you'll respond and update the status.

WhatsApp launched this feature a while ago, and rolls bent all users worldwide. I got the new status tab today. So, if you continue to can't find the latest status tab, twiddling my thumbs, it's coming soon.

Before proceeding, please update to WhatsApp version 2.17.5 for iOS and a couple of .17.174 on Android. Let's make it happen.

1. Open WhatsApp and select the Status tab.

On Android, you will find it at the top, and iOS users can see it at the bottom left.

2. Next, click My Status.

3. within the following screen, 

you'll see the camera open and, therefore, the media within the gallery. You can click by the camera button or save the video by pressing and holding it. You can likewise choose photos/videos/ GIFs of the Library or Camera Roll.

4. Once you select the specified media files, 

you'll add smiles, text, or animations with photos/videos. Add heading if you want.

5. After you've got completed all changes, 

Click the button to send a group of settings.

It is the first time a pop-up show. Click Send.

In that case, add your photos/video/ GIF as your location to WhatsApp.

If you would like, you'll send any updates to your WhatsApp location. For Android applications, it's going to be available at rock bottom of the menu on the Status tab, as shown within the picture below.

The remaining will be the same.

Photo/image/: gif after 24 hours are going to remove automatically.
How does one see other stories / new programs?

The repairs of their condition will be visible in the field.

You can quickly check your contact details for the contact details you would like to update on their renewal.
The number of media within the user update found with a broken tab at the highest.

Therefore, confirm that you have reviewed all the status update files of your friends. You can move to the following media file by tapping the screen while watching the update.

When you see an update for WhatsApp, it'll scroll through the Views Updates section. Updates you are doing not see appear within the Recent Updates section.

Reply to WhatsApp status updates.

There are fewer answers that appear below, and you see a selected update. Touch if you want to comment on someone's WhatsApp update.

The feedback submitted to a chat with another WhatsApp updated their updated update on Whatsapp.

How to see Who view Your WhatsApp status updates

You can see who sees your WhatsApp status updates.
On the Status tab, touch My Status to see for status updates.

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