2 WhatsApp accounts no parallel space for iPhone

2 WhatsApp accounts without parallel space for iPhone

2 WhatsApp accounts no parallel space for iPhone

WhatsApp, this application doesn't need any quite an introduction. Examine all things, its the best home messaging app throughout the World for voice calls and video calls It's true! On Android Phone 2 To use the WhatsApp account, we use parallel space applications. It seems that the parallel space is merely for an Android application, parallel iOS space has not yet been published. In fact, iPhone u the Users can help you download the WhatsApp Watts app. That is, WhatsApp Watusi is the opposite WhatsApp account on an equivalent phone. To install an iPhone WhatsApp account, we need to download WhatsApp Watts. Othman WhatsApp and Watts are parallel to the iPhone.

Tutu App: 2 Whatsapp Accounts on iPhone

Initially, the app for Oatman Whatsapp 2 for the iPhone has worked on an iPhone app. There are currently problems with Othman Whatsapp. As a result, you can put Whatsapp Watusi IPA on your iPhone using the tutu app. No need anymore, we don't need jailbreak iPhone to place two WhatsApp two on the iPhone. By using Oatman on WhatsApp 2, you'll use the Vatican software using the free app.

What is TutuApp? The Tutu app tweets WhatsApp, Snapchat and Pokemon. You can use an easy Pokemon account, which works on an immediate one-to-one platform, the Tutu app can assist you an equivalent without forgetting an equivalent platform.

Installing the Tutu app on iPhone / iPad:

Step # 1: 

Try https://www.tutuapp.vip on a safari on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: 

Click the download key to download the Folcho 2.0 App on iPhone / iPad

Installing the Tutu app on iPhone / iPad:

Step # 3: 

If a pop-up window appears, press the Install button to verify . 1 to put in two WhatsApp accounts on the iPhone, await the tutu application to finish.

Installing the Tutu app on iPhone / iPad:

Step # 4: 

Once the Tutu application is installed, the appliance must be trusted because the appliance comes from an external source. To perform this, click at the Trust key because a pop-up window appears, click on the Allow key.

Step # 5: 

Otherwise, you can go to the charges:> General:> Operating devices. Click on the text below for the appliance of the corporate, in my case it's Rete Cielo de Beijing Nation [the text are often diverse, like Brainstorm Technolabs].
Installing the Tutu app on iPhone / iPad:

Step 6: 

Click Trust in 'Beijing Nation Sky Network' furthermore install WhatsApp Watusi.

Installing the Tutu app on iPhone / iPad:

Step $ 7: 

Completed. you've got successfully installed the Tutu App on the iPhone. Continue with the WhatsApp account using Whatsapp Watusi.

Install WhatsApp watusi for iPhone using Tutu App:

First, to use two WhatsApp in one iPhone using the tutu app, we must download and install WhatsApp watusi latest version.

Another, an app like Othman, Parallel space is unavailable for iPhones. With this in mind, for Parallel space alternatives, we must believe the tutu app store to put in WhatsApp watusi.


If the Tutu app successfully installed, open the app and go to the search bar.


Search as ‘WhatsApp and download WhatsApp watusi toward iPhone using the tut app search bar
Install WhatsApp watusi for iPhone using Tutu App

Step 3: 

Press to urge, if a pop-up saying "tutuapp.com" wants to put in "What's WhatsApp" on your iPhone.

Step 4: 

After installing WhatsApp Watsi, open the app and found out your second WhatsApp account, and typically with a check.

That's it. Completed! You can now use two WhatsApp accounts.

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