How to change icon names on Android home screen

Android has been at the forefront of mobile operating systems. Compared to other competitors. Android offers customization options and features. Android is recognized for providing infinite functions for the user to personalize.

How to change icon names on Android home screen

If you're an Android user, you'll be familiar with that every time a new app is installed, the mobile operating system generates a new app icon. It is automatically generated with the default icon and name on the home screen. App icons play a vital role in getting a quick entry into the app. But can anyone change the names of icons or app icons? Well, yes. It is possible to change the icon names on the home screen of Android phones. But this can only be possible with the help of other applications. This article will guide you to the simplest and easiest way to change icon names on Android phones. It is known that the following is the best way to change icons without going more in-depth.

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1. Using Shortcut Maker As the name implies, users are able to quickly access the application on their computer. The best part of the app is that it gives users the opportunity to create tricks to the home screen with familiar names and graphics. Let's look at simple steps. First, download Quick Shortcut Maker on your Android phone.

  • After installing, you can see the list of applications installed on the phone.
  • Now touch the application you want to register.
  • Your app information is displayed on your device, and you will be given the option to change the brand.
  • Afterwards, a window will appear in your room, and you must fill in the name you want. Then click, OK.
  • Now, a Create Option will be detected on your device to create an app shortcut. Once completed, this ranking must be set to show the app in the app drawer. The process is completed, and now you have your app with your desired name on your device's home screen.

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2. Using Nova Launcher Nova Launcher is a whole performance-driven and extremely customizable launcher. It gives its users various features that enable the users for icon customization where others can edit the icon's names. Let's take a look at the process.

  • Download Nova Launcher
  • A screen will appear where you will be shown Select Backup. T, the Next button must be tapped.
  • You will be requested for the preset to be chosen. Choose the option, Dark or Light theme to continue.
  • It will now appear on your device to create an option to create a shortcut. Once completed, priority must be set to display the application in the application list. The process is complete and has its application with the desired name on its home screen. 

2. Using Nova Launcher Nova launcher is the perfect and fastest portable launcher. Its users offer features that allow them to create charts that allow them to change the name of the chart. Let's see the process first.

  • Download Nova launcher
  • A screen will appear on which you select Select backup. To continue, the Next button must be off.
  • You will be invited to vote. Select the option, dark or light theme to continue.

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