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Best Modern WhatsApp Apps for Android |

Branched WhatsApp

Modern WhatsApp is the Branched version of WA with fully unlocked Premium features. WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application on the Internet for smartphones.

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application on the Internet for smartphones. WA is one of the largest electronic messaging platforms that use Internet data to send messages, including text, images, videos, GIFs, documents, user location, sound clips, phone contacts, and voice messages to other communication users. You can also do a video call on WhatsApp.

Best Modern WhatsApp Apps for Android  Branched WhatsApp

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There is always a threat when using a Mod version of any application. Due to a violation of the policy, you can delete the WhatsApp application. Mod versions are more likely to attack rouge and harass your personal data. Therefore, we recommend using any less significant number to have a less significant conversion in these applications.

WhatsApp Messenger is an encrypted application for smartphones. There are quite a few good features about WA that make it the best messaging app, but there are some limitations to the app, such as themes, stickers, color, and other features. Today I am going to talk about some of the best-modified versions of WhatsApp for Android. Before that, let me tell you some risks associated with using Mod WA apps.

Forked WA apps are flooding the Internet and provide some of the best features that WA app stock usually doesn't have. This will entice users to download and make the most of the application. The modifications are made with features that make its use simple and loving.

Risks associated with using Mod WhatsApp

The branched variants of WhatsApp are no secure to use, though they can ensure to provide some excellent features not available in traditional WA from the original developer. Applications such as WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, and OGWhatsApp or, in any case, any other modified version of WA may prevent your privacy since messages are not served by authentic servers such as hosted by WhatsApp LLC. From Facebook.

Risk 1

According to researchers from the Internet Research Institute, modified versions of WhatsApp are more likely to introduce malware and spyware because of less secure servers. They are more vulnerable to damage to user data.

Risk 2. 

ModeSapp mod editions are not encrypted, and therefore any message you send can be read by a third party.

It is very dangerous to send out confidential information, such as bank credentials, passwords, or any other personal details that may compromise your privacy.

Risk 3. 

Using WhatsApp Plus or GBWhatsApp is not illegal, but contrary to WhatsApps policies. This may cause the company to permanently ban your use of WA.

Risk 4. 

These applications require permissions that are generally not necessary for the application to work. Therefore, modified applications could take advantage of users' personal information, which could be dangerous if their phone is used for any commercial purpose.

The WhatsApps mod can be potentially dangerous for users, so I recommend that you do not download them despite the fact that they look very attractive.

Risk 5. 

It is against WA policies and you may have safe legal disputes.

Note: download the applications at your own risk. I do not support any of these applications.

Mod Apps for WhatsApp for Android

Here is the Best Mod application app for Android to get the most out of the messaging service.

1. WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is a popular version of WA developed by Rafalete. One of the powerful features that make it the best alternative to WA is the "Don't Ban" feature. The name it suggests has some plus features along with traditional WA. Basically, the developer made some changes to the user interface and added some additional features. However, it still uses the same WA license and protocol.

WhatsApp Plus

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WhatsApp Plus features

  • Anti-ban feature
  • Turn blue ticks on or off
  • You can transfer data up to 30MB in size
  • You can join up to 256 participants to a group
  • Share more than 10 HD images at a time
  • Thousands of WA premium themes
  • Built-in application lock
  • Retrieve and schedule WhatsApp messages

2. GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is the same as WhatsApp Plus and it has many good features. Some of you can hide your online status, send bigger video files and share more than 90 photos with one click. It is the best branched WA app if you want to use two WA accounts on one device. GBWhatsApp is developed by GB Team and is compatible with all Android devices that offer excellent customization options to make the application more useful.

GBWhatsApp Features

  • Hide double ax, blue mark, and online status.
  • Themes and customization options
  • Multi-language support
  • Unlimited WhatsApp stories
  • Regular updates
  • File preview
  • Lock password for specific conversations

3. YOWhatsApp

YoWhatsApp is another successful mod for WA and also called as YOWA. This Mod WhatsApp has great features developed by Yousef-Al-Basha. The app has a user interface, such as WhatsApp iOS app, so you can enjoy the iPhone theme and interface like WhatsApp on your Android. You can block WA without any third-party isolation applications. It also has all the other important features, including issues and low chances of being banned.


YOWhatsApp Features

  • Used as dual WhatsApp
  • A lot of emoji’s
  • Supports more than 100 languages.
  • Built-in DND feature
  • Hide the last view for selected contacts.
  • Change the style
  • Stay online 24 hours

4. FMWhatsApp

With FMWhatsApp you can use more the one numbers at the very same time. Although it offers low personalization in the issues, it also offers other options for conversation. By the use of FMWA, you can transfer the data that is above 1GB in size and extends over 30 kinds of ticks and bubble forms. FMWhatsApp also has a pink app called Hello Kitten, specifically for women with all the features that women have.

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FMWhatsApp Features

  • You can hide conversations
  • Blocking conversation safely
  • You can customize chat windows on a minute scale
  • Supports Facebook Emoji and iMessanger formats.
  • 5-minute video status
  • Make the most recent w.r.t changes, deactivation, blue tick, and double tick

5. OGWhatsApp

OGWhatsApp is a reliable mod app and it was the first app to answer the popular need to run two WA accounts on the same phone. The application allows you to use two different WA phone numbers from the same smartphone. It has a large number of themes, more limits on the number of letters in the state and the ability to send large video and audio files without worries.

How to install and use OGWhatsApp?

Get a backup of all messages (if you want), then delete all user information for the app.
Now using any file manager rename / sd card / WhatsApp to / sdcard / OGWhatsApp.
Now confirm your old number in OG WhatsApp, then confirm the new number in original WA.

6. WhatsApp Prime

WhatsApp Prime is a third-party app that developers say WA Prime is a better version of the original app. WA Prime has a wealth of features along with themes and customization options. To get more users involved, the developers simply made a makeover of the original apps and called it Prime.

WA Prime Features

  • See the last one you see without entering the chatbox
  • View media without loading
  • FB Messenger emojis.
  • Ability to enlarge profile pictures.
  • Smaller in size

7. WhatsApp MA

WA MA is another powerful Mod application for mobile devices. You make a separate choice to get a standard call. You can preview the files with MA Whatsapp. You can also go back to the previous user interface, block the conversation, turn on the dark topic, change the font size, and private mode. WA MA is a fully equipped WA Mod APK for Android.

WhatsApp MA Features

  • Dark theme
  • Ability to change the font size
  • Delete unnecessary logs
  • Private chat mode
  • Preview multimedia files before downloading
  • Hide archived messages
  • Zoom in on WA DP

8. WhatsApp Indigo

WhatsApp Indigo is modified with bubbles in various colors including cyan, gray, lipstick, pink, 3D and tobacco. It also comes with new colorful icons. The application is designed to make WhatsApp more attractive and dissuasive to attract users.

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WhatsApp Indigo features

  • Hide archived conversations.
  • Delete emojis recently.
  • Invite people to join groups.
  • Doodle pictures
  • Send high-quality images
  • Upload files that are 72 MB in size.
  • Hiding activity in WA
  • Internet always on.
  • Hide ticks

9. GBWhatsApp MiNi

GBWhatsApp Mini is a lightweight WA that can work on very inexpensive Android smartphones with smaller RAM and CPU power. The application uses pure official WhatsApp skin and is also an option to modify characters and themes. GBWhatsApp Mini is actually a reduced version of GBWhatsApp with all the important features included and some not so important features that are excluded to reduce the size of the application.

GBWA Mini Features

  • Anti-revocation: the deleted message can be read if the sender is deleted.
  • DND Mode - No app notification until you disable DND mode.
  • Download status: allows you to download status media
  • You can send a file up to 1GB in size
  • Standard chat/fingerprint lock
  • You will receive automatic updates.
  • Hide online status, blue marks, double mark, blue microphone
  • Hide blue microphone
  • View the status without notifying the user

10. Soula WhatsApp Lite

The Soula WhatsApp Lite is another Mod with greater privacy control and good app optimization settings, even on a low-end device. The app has good options to customize the interface and graphics. The app features a range of new emoticons, emoji packs, and updated stickers.

All of these features and features will make the application better, given user experience and messaging. There are some small details that improve the functionality of the application. In general, if you want to add new features to WhatsApp and make the most of your conversations with your acquaintances, go with Soula WA Lite.

Features of Soula WhatsApp Lite

  • More security, stability, and speed of execution.
  • Extensive privacy options that affect conversations, groups, and contact management, including the ability to share situations.
  • New features for backing up and retrieving information.
  • All hidden functions are unlocked.
  • Compatibility to transfer up to 100 files of various formats at a time: APK, ZIP, RAR, PDF ...
  • Sending lots of up to 100 images.

11. YCWhatsApp | WhatsApp mod

WhatsApp doesn't have many interesting features that have led people to appear in Mod Versions so that the app receives extensions of the features and functions of the original application. YCWA has an interface similar to Instagram that gives you the perfect feeling if you're a fan of the photo-sharing app. The application also has a number of features and is 20-23MB in size, which is pretty decent for WA.

YCWA Features

  • Greater privacy control.
  • Modify the fonts and text size.
  • Obstacles and stickers
  • Graphic inspired by Instagram.
  • Long video support
  • Gesture controls.
  • Download status
  • Share more stories

12. ZE WhatsApp

With ZE WA, you have more freedom to use the messaging app with more gifs, stickers and privacy control. You can probably hide the last login time without. WA also has a powerful automatic reply function without reading the message. You can schedule messages for future responses.

ZE WhatsApp Features

  • Download themes for the application.
  • Ability to schedule messages.
  • Support to deliver 90 images at a time.
  • Different types of chat bars and bubbles to choose from.
  • Long-state support
  • Hide name and date when copying more than one message at a time.

13. WhatsApp Tweaker

WA Tweaker is not a Mod, but it can help you modify your original WA. A tweaker can add some additional features to your WA. If you don't feel safe using Mods, this could happen in your rescue. The tweaker makes some basic changes to its original app to give you a few options. You will want to get WA BETA from the Google Play Store.

Tweaker Features

  • Hidden functions in the original WhatsApp
  • Anti-withdrawal messages
  • Disables the display of reading receipts and delivery reports
  • Change the user interface font
  • Change toolbar and status color
  • Increase the quality of the state
  • Turn off delivery reports
  • Turn off writing

14. BSEWhatsApp

BSEWhatsApp is a WhatsApp Plus-based MOD and GBWhatsApp, therefore, integrates almost all of its features. The app has a clear look at the aesthetic appeal as it includes interface themes and distinctive elements such as a special bubble design.

BSEWhatsApp Features

  • Different theme styles for the interface.
  • Choose from 10 different chat bubbles and 17 control icons.
  • Send great videos.
  • Upload photos with up to 90 images.
  • Improve your privacy by hiding your online status.

15. Delta GBWhatsApp

Delta is a modified version of GBWhatsApp. A modified version of WhatsApp was modified, quite unique. The functions are similar to GBWhatsApp, but space, where it makes a difference, is the user interface. Delta has a completely refreshed user interface that you will surely love. The main functions and usage are similar to GBWhatsApp, but its user interface and customization options will make WA very attractive.

16. WhatsApp Pro

WhatsApp Pro is a new branched WA made with all the strong features of all the famous WA Mods. The application focuses mainly on design. The app is 100% anti-ban with customizable texts, features, styles and more. WhatsApp Pro is one of the best modern modified versions of WA. You can download and customize the status media and the appearance of your profile.

WhatsApp Pro features

  • Compatible with Android 8 and 9
  • WApp Lock
  • WhatsApp firewall
  • View deleted messages and status
  • Dark mode

17. KRWhatsApp

WhatsApp models have become very popular due to the fact that instant messaging and chat application is not evolving at the same rate as its competitors, such as Telegram or LINE. That is why a legion of developers have set out to create their own modified version of the application. With KRWA, you will have all the usual old things along with improved administration, privacy, and options to customize the interface.

KRWhatsApp Features

  • Based on WhatsApp version 2.18.122.
  • Protection against prohibition.
  • Possibility of hiding the latter also saw our situation.
  • Themes to customize the interface.
  • Set up auto-reply messages.
  • Possibility of translating messages.
  • Protect conversations with a standard PIN or gesture.
  • Up to 250 characters long.
  • Function to copy the status of our contacts.


WhatsApp mod host some very good features and contains a large number of themes with painstaking customization options. The above applications have the same basic functionality as instant messaging, but with additional features to take full advantage of the popular messaging service. We do not allow mods to download the application at their own discretion.

It is against the WA policy to use any intermittent version of the application. We do not support the Application and are not affiliated with the Applications in any way. You use the download and use of the application at your own discretion. I hope the post is helpful. Please comment below for help or support.

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