Corona App | Best Web Application for Latest Information

Corona App | The Best Web Application for the Newest Information.

Corona App |The Best Web Application for the Newest Information.

Coronavirus APK is a live web application that gives quantitative knowledge on the number of coronavirus cases worldwide.

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The most dangerous infection  Coronavirus infection 2019 (COVID-19) is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome 2. The virus was first detected in 2019 in Wuhan City, China and has since expanded worldwide, which has caused the coronavirus 201-20 pandemic. It is a viral infection that spreads there in the drops of the nose and mouth of an infected person. The virus is said to cause mild symptoms of fever, colds, dry cough, and/or pain that he or she is using with proper care and large fluid intake. There is no generic drug or vaccine for it, but a combination of HIV and malaria drugs works.

If you are looking for a web portal to check the latest statistics and numbers on the new coronavirus, then there is an online portal for it. is the free open source web application that gives you updates on the latest number of coronavirus cases worldwide. The data is not limited to the country only but has more information about the country about the state or region. collects data from WHO and other health organizations in their respective countries. The web app is frequently updated with the latest numbers to give live quantitative data about the pandemic.

You can download on Android and your PC as a progressive web application (PWA). PWA is actually a website that has been turned into an application called Progressive Web Application (PWA). PWAs are normal websites or websites but appear to the user as traditional or developed native mobile applications. PWA is faster than an integrated application.

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Download Coronavirus App (144KB)

What data is displayed?

  • Total number of cases
  • Number of cases recovered
  • Number of deaths
  • Cases within the states of a country.
  • Graphs and other numerical references.

corona virus apk

For Windows and Mac computer

You can install the application as a web application in the Chrome browser for PC. Just open coronavirus.app and click the + icon in the right corner of the URL bar. The site will be added as a web application, making it easy to use.

corona virus apk for windows, mac, pc

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For mobile users, just open the Chrome browser, click on the 3-dot menu, and click Add to Home Screen. The app will be added to your app drawer as a native mobile app. You don't need to update the app as the data is updated regularly once you have an internet connection.

corona virus apk for android

Note: You need the Chrome browser for the web app to work.

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The management of people infected with the virus involves taking precautions when applying therapeutic maneuvers, especially when performing procedures such as intubation or manual ventilation that can cause aerosols.

Conclusion: is a very powerful quantitative tool to provide real-time information on the number of coronavirus cases worldwide. It also shows cases of recovery and death.

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