How to Shut Down Windows Pc using CMD Commands

How to Shut Down Windows Pc using CMD commands

The command-line interface (CMD) is the very most common feature of windows and very familiar tools for those who are using it from some times. This is also known as CMD, and it is beneficial to interact with the user appropriately. It is more useful when you know all its commands in-depth. More than 200 commands which perform different task, in these all commands, there is a command which shutdown the pc using CMD.

How to Shut Down Windows Pc using CMD  commands

With the help of the command prompt and following the steps below, you can shut down the computer very quickly.

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Step 1: Press Windows key+R                                              ------>> (to open the Run dialogue box.)

Step 2: Type cmd in the Run dialogue box and press Enter.

Step 3: Type Shutdown in the command prompt.                  ----->> (you can shut down the pc)

Step4: Type Shutdown/r.                                                        ------>> (This is used to restart your pc.)

Step5: Type shutdown/?                                                         ----->> (To get a list of shutdown options.)

You can go through the full list of options you can get from the CMD.

1- /? - This will help you show help.

2- /I - With the help of this it allows you to display the GUI (Graphical User Interface).

3- / l- With the help of this command ou can log off. But you can't use it with the / D and / M options.

4- / s- This will help you shut down the computer.

5- / SG- You will be able to shut down the computer with this command. It also can enable the Auto restart sign-on. This will help you to sign in quickly, and you can also lock the associate user for last use, after sign-in you can restart the registered applications.

6- / r- The computer can be restarted after fully shutting down.

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7- / g- Restart the computer and then reboot it. If you active the Automatic Restart Sign-on, you also can sign in and restart the registered application.

8- / a- During the timeout period, you can use this command to cancel the system shutdown. By using / FW along with it, you can clear all the pending boots.

9- / p- Without any warning or timeout period, you can turn off the local computer.

10- / h- This is an excellent option for hibernating a local computer.

11- / period - You can start immediately when the computer is closed.

12- / fw - The next boot will go to the user interfaces firmware.

13- / e- If you accidentally shut down your computer, you can find out the reason of restarting.

14- /o- Restart the system after going to the advanced oot options

15- / m \ computer- By this, you will be able to mention the targeted system.

16- / t XXXX - Timeout period of 30 seconds can be set with default.

17- / c Note - 512 characters are provided to explain the reasoning behind restarting the computer system.

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