Backlink for SEO & Importance of Backlinks

A backlink for SEO & Importance of Backlinks

Backlink for SEO & Importance of Backlinks

A backlink for SEO & Importance of Backlink

If our website links to some other website, by which visitors come to our website from that one, then the link is called a backlink.


  • Assume we are running a website named ABC
  • There is another website named XYZ, which gets several viewers.
  • In some way, by commenting within the comment box or via guest blogging, we mention the link of our website ABC on website XYZ.
  • Visitors coming to Website XYZ also get comments of links to our website.
  • Soon they start coming to our website from there.
  • The link on our website by other websites which help carry visitors to our website is called “Backlink“.
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Truly, the backlink creates a pathway on our website from different websites.

Since visitors from different websites visit our website through a backlink, the number of visitors on our website increases. Therefore, backlinks help improve the page rank of our website.
Dofollow backlinks:

A backlink for SEO & Importance of Backlinks

To get backlinks to different websites, we have to send them a link. If the website returns any backlink, then it is called a do-follow backlink. Actually, this depends upon the wishes of a website to allow its viewers to come to our website. If this allows its viewers to come to our website then do-follow backlink, if the website restricts its viewers from coming to our website, it is called a no-follow backlink.

For example, BBC is a popular website on which millions of visitors visit each day. If we send a link toward our website on the BBC, then visitors that visit the BBC can come to our website through this link. If the BBC does not have any problem then it allows its visitors to come to our website. This is a do-follow backlink.

In fact, each backlink is a do-follow backlink except it changed to a no-follow backlink.

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Nofollow backlink:

A backlink for SEO & Importance of Backlinks

If we send our link to a different website to get a backlink, but the website does not want to allow its viewers to come to our website through that link, then it can put a no-follow tag to our link. That is called a no-follow backlink.

By the no-follow backlink, visitors can reach our website from different websites, but according to Google’s algorithm, increase of visitors on our website will not be considered.

In fact, when a website does not want to give the advantage of its visitors to the other website, then it adds a no-follow tag to another website’s link. In this case, the link is called a no-follow backlink.

For example,

Wikipedia suggests links to many websites for reference, visitors coming to Wikipedia are redirected to different websites by that link, but other websites don't get an advantage of the number of those visitors because Wikipedia has previously used a no-follow tag including the links of the other websites.

So, we can say that a do-follow backlink is beneficial in improving the page rank of our website while a no-follow backlink is not beneficial in this matter.

Types of backlinks:

There are two types of backlinks:

1- High-quality backlinks.

2- Low-quality backlinks.

High-quality backlinks:

Most of the time we make backlinks to our website by different websites, but even when visitors do not come to our website, means that we don't get link juice.

How? does this occur?

This is because we create backlinks, however, they are not high-quality backlinks.

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Fundamentally, the number of backlinks in SEO has no importance as much as their quality is of importance. Related to the number of backlinks in the lower quality, some high-quality links are better.

High-quality backlinks can surely help to increase the page rank of your website.

You should follow some steps to obtain high-quality backlinks:

  • Your content should be original, engaging,, and user-friendly.
  • Your webpage must be linked to reputed and highly ranked websites.
  • Links on your website should only be linked over the websites related to your content, unless, the outcome of link juice on your website will be reduced.

For example, if the niche of your webpage is health and it is linked to a technology website, then the visitor will not come to your webpage because if he is searching for technology, he will not visit your website to learn about health.

Low-quality backlinks:

Low-quality backlinks are links over spam or pornographic websites etc.

Instead of being useful, others are harmful to your website.

Links of unrelated pages also have low-quality backlinks.

Importance of Backlinks:

Backlinks own a great value in SEO. Backlinks are important in carrying visitors of other websites into our one. So through working on the backlinks, we can improve our PageRank easily.

Quality of content is also important:

We want to take high-quality backlinks of well-known also popular websites for our website. The step of ours can grow our page rank.

We want to simplify that several steps can be used to increase the website rank, like to get Backlinks, Keyword Research, etc. however the quality of our content is most important to increase website rank.

Therefore if you put on good quality content on your website and get high-quality backlinks of other websites, that will surely increase the rank of your website.

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