Do follow Backlinks and No follow Backlinks in SEO - [2020]

Do follow Backlinks and No follow Backlinks in SEO -  [2020]

Do follow Backlinks and No follow Backlinks in SEO - [2020]

Do follow Backlinks and No-follow Backlinks. In this the article, we will explain everything to you about Do follow and Nofollow backlinks very easily. If we have a blog or website, the main goal is how to improve our page rank. We use a variety of tools to scale the page. SEO is an important tool among them. We need to work on two fronts for SEO. First, managing page quality, called SEO on a page. This is done inside the website. Second, off-site promotional activities, known as off-page SEO. Backlinks are part of off-page SEO. In addition, the backlink can be of two types:  Do follow backlink and No follow backlink.

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Do follow Backlinks:

Each link is a do follow the link but some people link it to No follow for different reasons.
However, we need a do-follow backlink to improve our page rank.

Why Do We Need Do follow Backlinks?

When we publish content on the site, we want more and more visitors to our page.
So to attract visitors, we need do follow backlinks.
To get a link from other websites, we need to send our link to different websites. It is better if we get backlinks from high scoring websites. So we have to choose the websites that score the most and link them to our page.

How do I send a link to other websites?

You can also send your links to other websites in the following ways:

  • You can write guest posts to other websites.
  • By publishing a promotional article.
  • By commenting in their comment box.
  • You can submit your site to web directories
The benefit of putting your link on other websites is that visitors to those websites can see your link. So, they can also come to your page through that link. Visitors to our page from other websites are called "link juice" or "backlinks".

Why Do We Need Do follow Backlinks?

When a link to our page comes from any website, the linked site is considered to be the acceptance and acceptance of our page.

Do follow backlinks are considered a vote for a page that links to that site.

In the case of Do-follow backlinks,

  • The linked site identifies the linked page.
  • The linked site has a positive attitude towards the linked page.
  • It accepts the credibility of the page.
  • This allows you to count backlinks. So, Google counts them to rank the page. Do follow backlinks are therefore useful for increasing page rank.

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It is important to note that every backlink by default is a Do follow the link unless it is backlinked by No follow.

For example, let's take a highly-ranked website, the Washington Post.

To receive backlinks from this site, you will write a message in its comment box.

Visitors to the Washington Post can access your page by following your link. So you can get Do follow backlinks from the Washington Post. In this case, the visitors to your page (link juice) from there will help increase your page rank.

But if the Washington Post wants it, these No follow backlinks can.

This means that every backlink by nature is a Do follow backlink unless it is made in a No follow backlink.

What are "No follow backlinks"?

Websites usually, send do-follow backlinks to our page.

However, a website does not want to acknowledge a link sent by us, which attaches a "No follow tag" to that link. In that case, the backlink is called the No-follow backlink.

No follow backlinks come to a linked page, but Google doesn't count them. They, therefore, play no role in increasing the rank of the page in question.

Why do websites put a No follow tag?

There may be different reasons for putting a Nofollow tag on a website, but the most common the reason is that the linked site does not want to be responsible for the page it is linked to.

For example, we take Wikipedia.

Wikipedia's format enables visitors to make the required version in the published content. So many users are still updating content to their information. Many of them even refer to their page link for backlinks from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia puts a "No-follow tag" on each link because it cannot identify a large number of pages.

In this case, visitors (link juice) may come to the relevant page, but Google will not count them.

Similarly, when a website does not want to identify or approve a linked page, it puts a No follow tag along with the link.

By doing so, the site indirectly tells Google that it does not recognize the linked link.

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For example, when a website finds a spam link, it wants to avoid it and doesn't want to endorse it. In that case, it attaches the No follow tag with that link.

Often, websites only need to refer to other sites but do not want to establish any link to that site, so they use No follow with such links.

For example, Wikipedia cites links to other websites in its articles for reference but does not endorse those websites because they attach no follow to these links.

Is the No follow tag a big problem?

According to Google's algorithm, traffic to your site cannot be counted through the No follow tag to sites. Therefore, it is not useful for improving your website's SEO.

But it still benefits you.

Visitors to a linked page may have no other benefit to that page, but if they like that page, they can visit other pages of your site. So they can become your regular followers. Therefore, No follow backlinks to any page on your site might be useful for your entire website.

So instead of worrying about the No-follow backlink, you should focus on the quality of your content.

So you should first perform page-based SEO, including keyword research, Meta description, content quality, etc.

Second, you need to pay close attention to off-page SEO, including backlinks and social media management.

In this the article, I have explained about backlinks in detail.

Now you need to know how to attach a No follow tag with a link sent to your site.

How to Put a No-Follow Tag with a Link?


What does Nofollow Backlinks mean

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Backlinks Importance for SEO:

You know SEO is important for ranking improvement. We adopt several methods in SEO to scale the page. The backlink or outbound link is one of them.

The content the ranking is determined by the search engine secret algorithm.

For Google, it also has a stealth algorithm that determines page rank.

No one knows exactly what the page ranking rule is, but SEO experts and digital marketers keep an eye on Google's algorithmic trends so they can get the idea, how to scale the page.

Trends show that Google itself motivates us to make backlinks.

In fact, Google wants to find the best result of a user's search for an extensive repository of information and pass it on to the user. This is why they want more and more websites and pages to interact with inbound or outbound links.

If our page is linked to other websites, visitors come to our page. But more importantly, Google's reptiles also come to our page through these links.

Google wants to make a large network of websites and pages out of such a link. Google bots keep an eye on this network and continue to visit these websites and pages.

A network of inbound and inbound links enable Google Bots to find better results from a user's search.

Therefore, backlinks are a key part of our SEO at Google.


I have provided you detailed information about Do fallow Backlink, No follow Backlink and the Importance of Backlink for SEO.

Finally, we can say that backlink is undoubtedly an important factor for the SEO of our content.

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