Paid Best Games for Android

Paid Best Games for Android

Paid Best Games for Android

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Play some great paid games for Android. Flavouring your gaming quest with some of the best games you can play.

Millions of people use their free time to play games and the Android world is a platform to find more users. Today people work hard all day to drive their stomachs, they somehow find free time, free time usually means games or fun. There are many free games you can play on Android but there are also games to pay. While some games are expensive, some are for a normal price. We list some of the best-paid games for Android mobile phones.

Modern games are often designed with rich gameplay and beautiful graphics, and gamers want to play their favourite game of their class according to their interests. Today, we have brought you a variety of paid games of various categories such as a puzzle, action, adventure, strategy, racing, sports. If you focus on the fact that some games allow you to learn a lot, there are some strategy games where we need to apply some tactics to defeat our enemies, you have to wait for the right conditions to apply the tactics.

It increases our personality, patience and ability to control our anger. Recreation and hard work are everyone's right, and playing games these days has become a common practice that helps to relax your mind and body. Playing a limited game can strengthen your personality and make you a better player. This can make you smarter and faster because while playing games your focus and enthusiasm are concentrated on your floor, a high-quality professional player and enthusiasm wake up in the tired mind after work all day. So let’s not take your more valuable time and add you to the list of best-paying games below.

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Best paid games for android

1. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

It is considered to be the best racing game ever designed and published by Electronic Arts with beautiful graphics. Here you will have the racing experience with the 40 fastest cars in the world and with that, you can customize them to suit you. During this game, you have to earn speed points if you want to unlock new cars. You will take the racing experience in different areas and use the boost, increasing your speed to be able to drop your enemy.

This game is designed with attractive cars and has rich gameplay. You will also receive various prizes for winning the race. You get racing experience with many popular cars like the Porsche 911 Carrera S, SRT Viper GTS, and Hummer H1 Alfa. You can challenge any of your friends and race with them, you have to control your speed and use your full power to win. So be part of the race without wasting time and develop yourself into a great racer, compete in different campaigns and have the opportunity to play on a variety of tracks.

2. Grand TheftAuto: San Andreas

Grand TheftAuto: San Andreas

Structured same as the previous two games, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an action-adventure game with role-playing and stealth elements. The core gameplay is similar to previous giving a gamer open-world environment to wander around by walking or trailers. On foot, the player's character is able to walk, run, sprint, swim, climb and jump as well as use weapons. The player can drive a variety of vehicles, including 4-wheel cars, buses, water vehicles, flying vehicles, trains, tanks and bikes. The objective is to complete missions to progress in the game. The missions give you an adrenaline rush with all the elements of the modern crime and weapons world.

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One of the best and most famous action games published by Rockstar Game that you have been playing since your childhood. By using the mind properly, you have to cross the difficult missions. You also drive lots of cars, bikes, helicopters, ships or trains. In this game, you live your life as a real-life hero and try to keep yourself alive by keeping your health balanced. Graphics are designed with great beauty where you get the feeling of living a real life.

3.Minecraft - Pocket Edition

Minecraft - Pocket Edition

This is the most popular casual arcade game, enabling you to build different buildings for simple construction. The game offers four modes: Hardcore, Creativity, Survival and Adventure. Creatively, you can create limited structures for your imagination and build the buildings and skyscrapers you want. If you venture into adventure mode you will face many difficulties.

Here you have to defend yourself by being armed with weapons or by shielding your shield with poles. You can play this game with your friends on Mobile, Console and PC. You can create what you want and have the freedom to explore and create your own world. The gameplay is designed with very unique and difficult levels so that your addiction does not decrease when playing it, where you have a multiplayer option so you can enjoy this game in a team.


4.Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper

Agent 47 has been knocking on your door and in style! The popular PC franchise game has recently made its way into the smartphone world and has been impressed by its full gameplay and stunning graphics. It's not like any FPS game where enemies are constantly approaching you and you're stuck in an endless killing spree. This game is all about accuracy and patience.

You get a chance to fulfil your desire to become a gamekeeper, there are many tasks waiting for you, where you are given goals and you have to focus on and aim for it. Given different types of rifles, in this game, some rifles are unlocked and some are locked, you have to cross the level to unlock them, as you complete the mission, there are Your level increases with many rifles and their ammunition unlocked. The purpose is to kill the target with a bullet.

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You must carefully target your enemy. Aim his head, and as soon as you fire, the bullet hits your enemy's head directly and he dies at the same time. There are many tasks in this game, their difficulty will gradually increase, so if you want the experience of becoming a gamekeeper in life, playing this game can give you the opportunity to become a virtual gamekeeper. The game has over 150 missions and 10 different types of deals.

5.Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is probably Android's best indie game. You play as Ida Princess and go through many kinds of optical illusions, 3D virtual objects. To complete each level, you need to handle these items as best as possible so that it clears the hidden path. The entire game is in isometric view. Each world has 10 different types of stages, and each stage has different central mechanics, movable pillars, and walls.

Welcome to the unique and beautiful puzzle game where you have to help the princess in captivity. This princess has accidentally fallen into a different world and has several difficult puzzles to get to her home. The princess needs your help to find a way out of here, you need to use your intelligence to lead the princess out of the locked rooms and the hidden gates. To use, you must rotate the various towers and bridges with your understanding by setting them in the right direction so that they point you in the right direction.

You'll need a key here to get to the next secret door, and that key will only be available to you when you solve unique puzzles. You have to solve these puzzles by using your brain and the secret door one by one. Here the princess needs to go to her home and with the help of some useful pictures, you will be able to solve puzzles. So let's use our intelligence and tactics to come and help the princess in this wonderful puzzle game.

6.Bike Race Pro

Bike Race Pro

Nowadays most people are interested in playing racing games and paying attention to this, Bike Race Pro has brought you the opportunity to do incredible stunts and exciting racing. Here you have to face a variety of difficulties, you have to show off your amazing adventures on your fast racing bike. You can train with scooters and bikes in the early stages. Here you can race in the exciting and exciting 14 tracks of 128 tracks.

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You can take a role in the race using your favourite bike also increase the race by touching your screen. You get racing experience on 16 different bikes. The controls in this game are simple and straightforward so you can easily control your adventures. Here you will be rewarded with your best performance, which you can use to unlock more new challenges or achievements. There is also a multiplayer mode where you can play the tournament. You can even compete in the duel and the graphics and sound quality of this game are clear.

7.The Room

The Room

The Room a franchise is one of the oldest and most challenging gameplay games on Android. There are a total of 4 games in this series and they are all three dimensional. Each room has a level and your task is to solve a series of puzzles, each connected in some way or another. You can take the help of hints and procedures to unlock complex puzzle boxes. With each box you unlock, you get new tips and components that will help you in successive steps.

Welcome to the beautiful dark 3D world, where you will establish a world with many different radials. In this game, you need to solve these fun and mysterious puzzles. The puzzles themselves are shrouded in mystery and you want to be happy without fear, enter the secret world and continue to solve these amazing puzzles. However, you must reach your destination using your brain and strategy. You must bring to your mind the belief that only you can solve these difficult situations and puzzles. Only then will you be able to progress in this game.

Do not allow yourself to be weakly examined at any time and you must understand this by looking at all the puzzles that come between your destinations, what is the one that prevents sowing? Ann, here you have the opportunity to experience diversity. Of new jobs that will get you different touch puzzles to explore. Here you will be given hidden clues, with the help of which you should head to your destination, in this game you will find many questions on the way, which you must solve with your understanding. Let us enter this mysterious world and test our understanding.

8.Modern Warfare 4: Zero Hour

Modern Warfare 4: Zero Hour

The game combines all aspects of COD and is one of the best action shooting games for Android. The game contains quality graphics that will interest you. The game is controlled using virtual on-screen buttons; The virtual control stick is used for movement, but the goal is achieved by swiping on the touch screen, with gyroscopic controls also present. The story is about saving humanity and preventing world war and nuclear war, now there are few soldiers left. You have a special type of weapon and with your military force, you can answer every enemy attack.

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In this game, control of your weapons is very simple and in this game let's focus on shooting your enemy's head. The sound effects and graphics are so great that you can play this game continuously for many hours without any hassle. You can enjoy playing with a group of terrorists around you and having to go to your destination with your courage. You have to face your enemy in testing your courage and face every challenge. Your main task is to kill your enemy and your terrorist to win this game.

9.Ninja Fruit Classic

Ninja Fruit Classic

Welcome to a very exciting arcade game. Here, you will be exposed to several types of fruits on your screen at the same time and you will have to cut them before they disappear from the screen. The fruit you cut is good for you and increases your score. If you cannot cut those fruits in time, it will be a negative factor for you. This game is considered very exciting and is considered the best smoke game to test the presence of the mind.

In this the game, you should not look for a moment anywhere, because a bunch of fruits appear in a very unique way. It is designed so that no fruit is visible on the screen at the same time, so focus your attention on the screen while sharpening your understanding and thinking. If you have a bunch of fruit in front of you, there are many types of bombs between them. You have to cut the fruit. If you accidentally detonate a bomb, your level will stop at the same time and you will be out of the game.

10.Fight 2 Special Edition

An action game based on the role of Martial Arts that gives you a full experience of the perfect mix of RPG and classic combat. Fight with enemy bosses to upgrade your weapons pile, earn gold and buy things. The game has some cool mix of 2D animation and clean graphics. You can also upgrade your power, swords, nunchaku, and the like. Players must win most of the 3 games against computer-controlled opponents.

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Demonstrate your skills in this beautifully designed action game and overcome your enemy as warriors. In this game, you have to prepare a bunch of weapons and fight the enemy until your last breath. You constantly use your power to attack your enemy, and when you attack, its power diminishes and your last strong shot kills your enemy to win the game. This beautiful animation and graphics will further enhance your curiosity. On the battlefield, you'll find the hundreds of weapons you have to deal with enemies.

11.Card Counter

Card Counter

Card Counter is a beautifully designed casino game published by TMS Soft for game lovers. This is a card game based on the counting technique, which is considered best for playing strategy. In this game, you have to tell the next card. It also tells you how many cards you have left, and you need to show your understanding. To improve your skills in this game, you can choose any game mode of your choice into an easy, medium, expert, hard tutorial.

The game is optimized for the HD version on all types of Android tablets and smartphones. Observing your appetite, Oscar Santana voiced Big O & Dukes and Mike at the Mira shows. You must win this game with your mind and win various prizes using card count with the card he. It is considered a world-renowned casino card counting game because the game's pro features are very interesting.

12.Rayman Jungle Running

Rayman Jungle Running

This is an action game filled with beautiful imagery and fun, where you have to eliminate your enemies by running at high speed to unlock your ability and levels of the Dead Country. Looking at the pictures and vegetation, you will have the opportunity to play amongst the beautiful nature as you cross this level. Difficulty increases and your excitement increases. The most impressive music is played while playing the game, which increases your power and the controls in this game are made very simple so that you can move at high speed in a short time.

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You must unlock special wallpapers with your performance and ability. The graphics in this game are beautiful and very quality. In this game, you will have the opportunity to see many beautiful photos of the forest and play in the new 20 levels, so don't waste your time, be part of this modern plus beautiful game furthermore enjoy as much as possible.

13.Assassin's Creed Identity

Assassin's Creed Identity

Get ready to enter this beautiful and unique action game world announced by Ubisoft Entertainment. This game has rich gameplay and gives you beautiful graphics and sound quality. The player can control the park run by running towards walls, hills or climbing objects. The murderer can mix in a variety of people/structures by pressing the action button or running into mixed structures/objects. You have to play this game for assassins while fighting many enemies, there are many interesting items and tasks along the way. In the game, no matter what your life is for freedom, you have to fight the enemy using your tactics and understanding to change history.

In this the game, the enemy is no less powerful and you need to be armed to defeat your enemy and you need to plunder and increase your power to dominate your enemies. Here you have to experience the best to unlock many places. In this game, you wait for your actions, because when you defeat your enemy, your enthusiasm is inherent. As part of this excellent action game, wipe your enemies and present yourself as a competent warrior while presenting your personality perfectly.

14.Sky Dancer Premium

Sky Dancer Premium

Take advantage of this excellent adventure game by jumping from the air like a free bird, where you have to run on dangerous rocks and jump from one rock to another, you can change direction one after another. In this game, you have many different opportunities to interact with nature scenes. It is considered an interesting adventure game as the game is designed with good graphics.

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This game is very attractive as a simple and adventure game. You need to constantly run towards your goal, run on the rocks and get a high score by performing the best of your personality. In addition to the excellent gameplay, it also gives you the experience of falling from the sky and flying in the air, which in itself is very attractive and exciting.

15. Out There: Omega Edition

As part of this strategy game, your primary duty is to play the role of astronauts far from the galaxy. Here you have to do something to stay alive and make your oxygen supply. That very dangerous galaxy is presented before you, where you will be involved in the fate of various kinds of humans. You have the opportunity to deal with the ancient forces that happened and deal with this. You will be able to meet many intelligent species and learn their secrets with understanding, you have many options here and there are many types of spacecraft.

When riding, you need to collect different items if you have good performance and can compete adequately with the enemy. You get the prize, the graphics and gameplay of this game is very simple and attractive. You can play this game seamlessly for many hours and there are so many secrets to it that you have them hidden in space. So without delay, put your footprint into space and get involved in this game by eliminating your enemies.

16. NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 gives you the opportunity to play three-on-three street tournaments, one of the best sports games ever. This new road and drive mode provides you with advanced and multiplayer options. It lets you play with T-Pain, Drake and other soundtracks in particular. The task is to beat your opponents and win tournaments in different places. You can prove yourself as the best player by taking part in competitions. The player mainly plays NBA games, the games follow the rules and objectives of NBA games. There are many game modes and many settings can be customized.

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Given the features and strengths, your scores are taken into account and how close or far you are to the championship. You can create a different identity in the career mode by realizing your good performance and championship. You get a chance to win and become the best warrior. You have many responsibilities here, such as managing the roster and managing your budget. It is one of the best sports games and provides easy gameplay with attractive graphics.

17. Asphalt 7 Heat

Asphalt 7 Heat

You can play this game to compete in different places around the world with the best and most beautiful cars in the world. The player is given the option of tilting the device, touching the side of the screen, or running the virtual steering wheel on the screen. If you want to play racing games and you want to prepare yourself to be a good racer, get ready to play this game on a variety of tough tracks. Allowed to play with all the world-famous cars, here you can increase your speed using a momentum boost.

The graphics of this game are very attractive and beautiful so you can play this game continuously for several hours without stopping and getting bored. You have the opportunity to compete in different territories of the world to experience your best. In this game, you will be able to adjust the engine to increase your speed to win the race.

18. Infinite Flight - Flight Simulator

Infinite Flight - Flight Simulator

Many flight simulator games have been made so far, but Infinite Flight LLC is the best flight simulator game ever published. The game features single-player and multiplayer modes where players can fly various planes. There are dozens of military and general aircraft available to fly here, and you can fly while tracking time and weather information. Here you will find high definition satellite images and features with precise topography.

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In this game, you fly on your plane, exploring the beautiful view of the stars, moon and sky in different regions. Furthermore, you can start and shut down the aircraft engine as you wish, in this game you get a gear landing system. You will be allowed to connect to an advanced replay system. The graphics in this game are designed in such a way that you feel like you are actually flying a plane, so enjoy this experience without having to wait and enjoy the best flight simulation game.

19.Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP: Renegade

After some thrilling positive car racing game, it's time to do some illegal Hydro Jet racing straight from the future world. Renegade is the latest updates from the largest Riptide GP Ski Racing franchise. Experience strong story-driven gameplay with career mode. Also, there are options for fast races and online battles against real opponents. Playing the role of an outstanding Hydrojet rider, you have descended into a race where you have to win the race through a variety of fields and different types of stunts. You have to be adventurous and capable when crossing the waterways and crossing the road.

A career mode facility is provided where you can progress your game and show yourself to be a good racer. With the help of online multiplayer support, you get the chance to set up an exciting eight-player racing game. The game also offers split-screen multiplayer. Periodically collect your vehicle from the garage and upgrade and modify it with the money you earn. With Game Challenge mode, you can challenge any of your friends and enjoy racing with them. The game is loaded with graphics and gameplay that also highlights the game's quality royalty.

20. Agricultural Simulator 20

Be part of 20 Agricultural Simulator, published by Giants Software, to explore the exciting world of agriculture In this game, you can grow pig, sheep, cow and crops. In addition, you can ride your own horses and earn money for your farm and explore new lands for farming. You will be able to expand your farm by buying modern machinery and cultivating and harvesting a variety of crops such as sunflower, maize, soybean, canola, beet and potatoes.

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In addition to making more money, here you can produce milk and feed your cow and sheep. In this game, you get 3D graphics with a clean interface. Swatch clean around the fields and take care of the animals to bring you the height of progress as an excellent farmer. Here you can earn a lot of money by producing wool and selling it with milk. Your whole focus in this game is to improve yourself more and more by expanding your farm and using modern machinery. This beautiful game will allow you to get acquainted with agricultural science and nature.


The Play Store hosts some of the best games and paid games are no different. There are several paid games in the Play Store. I have mentions some of the best games you should play also the games are worth the penny. Try all genre-listed games on the Play Store.

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