Best Browser: Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome

Best Browser: Microsoft Edge vs Google 


When it comes to the most popular web browser, Google Chrome is the world's top 50% market share. A decade ago, Microsoft's Internet Explorer was the most popular browser, but with the release of Chrome and its ease of use, Internet Explorer was mocked and gradually limited to official use.

Best Browser Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome
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But with the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft launched its new web browser with a number of improvements and enhancements for the launch of a completely new browser package. However, even the previously released Microsoft Edge couldn't compete with the giant Google Chrome, with Chrome nailing its nails to the market, 67% of the market share a year ago.

Microsoft Edge is better than the old Internet Explorer gun and some customers prefer Chrome to the edge because of its smooth functionality and good power management features, but still, after years of struggle and constant changes, Microsoft Edge has not met the company promise.

One of the main reasons is that Microsoft Edge is not as rich as Google Chrome. Lack of compatibility, low loading speed, and low features on various platforms are other reasons for this compared to Chrome. Microsoft Edge does not support many websites because Google has a monopoly on how sites should rank on Google's search engine, and this leads to less popularity and fewer customers.

Finally, Microsoft made a big change and announced that it would run on Chromium and the New Edge browser was born. Google Chrome is also using the same open-source Chromium project. And with this improvement and change, Microsoft is trying to gain prominence in the edge browser market.

In this article, we analyze every phase of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, we compare each web browsers based on different characteristics, and finally, we try to determine which browser is best for each component.


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge was originally developed by Microsoft, Inc. and announced for Windows 10 and Xbox One operating system. It launched with Windows 10 launching in 2015, and then the browser launched in 2017 for Android and iOS, and macOS in 2019.

Microsoft Edge was originally built with the Microsoft Edge HTML Browser Engine and its cycle JavaScript engine, then the Edge was rebuilt in 2019 on the Blink Engine and V8 and Chromium-based browser, and the latest updated version of Microsoft Edge was released on January 15, 2020.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a multiplatform web browser (integrated and used on multiple computing platforms) developed by the technology giant Google. It was first released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows XP and then released for Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Originally, most of the code was taken from Google's open-source Chromium project and designed with the WebKit rendering engine, but eventually, Google forked it and created the Blink engine, now every Chrome variant uses a Blink engine, except iOS.

Actual usage comparison

Both programs are tested with the latest version at the time of writing the MacBook. (Results may vary on different systems)

The browsers open after the system restarts to verify the start time.

Start-Up Time

Chrome start time: 1.12 seconds

Edge start time: 1.15 seconds 

Web Rendering Time

We've loaded and noticed AndroidAuthority on both sites with no use of extensions;

Chrome: 4.2 seconds

Edge: 4.1 seconds

Conclusion: Both browsers use the same Blink browser engine. The speed is very stable. 

The Default Settings 

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge's default setting includes Bing as the default search engine, which is also featured on the Microsoft News home page powered by Bing. It uses the Mira cast or DLNA protocol to transmit Microsoft Edge. The DLNA protocol supports a large number of devices for screen propagation.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome's default settings include Google as a search engine, and you have quick access to Gmail and other Google products on the home page. Google Chrome uses Chromecast for screen streaming purposes.

Conclusion: All other default settings are correct and the same. But when it comes to streaming, Chrome doesn't have Microsoft Edge, because Chrome only supports Chromecast, Microsoft Edge supports Miracast, and so Microsoft Edge is more compatible with screen streaming with other devices, including the smartphone. 


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Features Features Best Browser Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome

After updating to the chrome source code, Microsoft Edge started supporting all extensions supported by Google Chrome. Also, it has some other smart features like reading mode and comes with excellent voice support. It can show some terrible results.

In addition, you can select "Text Preference", with this function you can change the size of the text and it will also provide various content for the page. You can use grammar tools to check grammar. Microsoft Edge also offers several customization options, you can enable "dark mode" in the web browser settings. With all of these features, Microsoft Edge is definitely drawing attention in the browser industry.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome Features Best Browser Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome

When it comes to Google Chrome features, it is one of the fastest web browsers offering the most customization options. You can go to the Chrome Web Store to try different things and use the extensions available to Chrome to improve the web browser. It also provides experimental settings, such as Chrome flags, to add some extra features to your browser. Also, with Chrome, you can use all the other Google products. Thanks to cross-platform support, you can view and review notifications from other Google apps.

Bottom line: when it comes to features, both browsers are better at your own pace, I can't mention both in my preferences, you can choose your browser according to the features you need most.

User Interface 

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge now looks completely different, Bing is the default search engine, and its background updates with Bing's daily wallpaper sees the series' most-visited websites, and is integrated with Microsoft News. It has a completely new designed user interface that is a swatch and neat and you can customize it. 

Google Chrome

Google has its old and simple home page, which presents Google as the default search engine in the form of buttons with the most visited websites at the bottom. Plus, you can customize it and access all other Google products from the home page. 


In the case of the user interface, Microsoft Edge offers a very interactive and beautifully designed home page compared to Google Chrome, which I would like to use if it is the Microsoft Edge user interface because Microsoft Edge is easy to use and well designed. If we talk about ease of movement, I prefer Microsoft Edge instead of Google Chrome. 


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge will face a lot of struggle and resistance from customers before launching with the Chromium version. Now with the new version, Microsoft Edge comes with several features and functionalities. With the new version and some improvements, Microsoft Edge offers world-class performance and compatibility with all websites, you'll also experience a big difference in browser speeds, as Microsoft Edge was a bit slower compared to Google Chrome in the past, but thanks to the Blink engine now has better loading speeds. 

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is already optimized with the Blink engine and launched with Chromium and we all know about its functions and functionality. Whenever it comes to the performance of Google Chrome, it is always considered one of the best browsers. It offers several extensions to make your browsing easier and more productive.


Since Chrome and Edge runs on the same source code, there is not much difference between the performance of both browsers, but if we had to choose between both, I would prefer Microsoft Edge as it uses fewer computer resources, which is why Chrome is notorious. Both the browser response and the loading time show the same results. 


Microsoft Edge

In syncing, Microsoft Edge may be missing because you can't sync bookmarks, history in Microsoft Edge from Google account, but yes, you can sync all your data using Microsoft account. 

Google Chrome

Google Chrome Synchronization Features Best Browser Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome

Google Chrome is great if you want to sync all your browser data, sync all your history, bookmarks, extensions, open tabs, and more.

Bottom line: There's not much to conclude on this, as Microsoft Edge is clearly lagging behind Chrome when it comes to syncing because everyone uses a Google account for most of their work, so if you need to sync all your data on browser devices, prefers Google Chrome. But, if you prefer a Microsoft account, you can sync all the data with Microsoft Edge without any problems.

Disk Space Usage

Microsoft Edge

In terms of disk usage, on I Windows system, after clearing all cache, Microsoft Edge took 319 MB.

Google Chrome

At the same time, I checked Chrome to take up the disk space that 440MB was talking about, which is more than other browsers.


Many testicles have shown that it is a good idea to prioritize Microsoft Edge to save disk space because Chrome consumes too much RAM and this causes a sudden drop in overall system performance. Chrome is considered a great web browser.


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Extensions Best Browser Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome

With the new update, Microsoft Edge offers several popular extensions under its own Addon Store; Edge Add-on Store is available for Adblock, Amazon Assistant, Ghosting, Honey, Microsoft Personal Assistant, LastPass for Microsoft Edge and hundreds of extensions.

Microsoft Edge also supports all the Chrome extensions available in the Chrome Web Store. This means you can use extensions from both the Microsoft Edge Store and the Chrome Web Store. 

Google Chrome

Google Chrome Extensions Best Browser Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome

Google Chrome offers many extensions to add more functions to your browser, you can easily find them in the Chrome Web Store and add them to Chrome. Get all kinds of extensions, from video assistive devices to productivity, from writing tools to professional support plugins in the Chrome Store. 


Now, with the new Microsoft Edge here, which offers more than other browsers, you can have extensions from both the Microsoft Store and the Chrome Web Store. Microsoft Edge has a smaller advantage over Chrome.


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Security  Best Browser Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge is at the forefront in terms of security, the browser is based on open-source Chromium code and Chromium receives updates in every 6-8 months, but still, Microsoft has added an option to avoid tracking, which keeps it at except for trackers. This can be enabled in simple steps, 

  • Go to your browser settings.
  • Go to Privacy and Services
  • Power on the option and configure it in balanced mode.

By doing this, the crawlers are blocked from the sites you visit.

Additionally, Microsoft Edge includes a smart display system that is displayed when you log in to any website using the HTTP service instead of Secure HTTP.

With the new Mode-inspired Microsoft Edge, it gives you more control over your data, not just your browsing and searches history.

Microsoft has changed and improved the more than fifty Google services with chromium code improved security measures and some other features, such as ad-blocking, Google Now, Google's cloud messaging and services related to the Chrome operating system. Microsoft is offering its full suite and is trying to change Google services. 

Google Chrome

Google Chrome Security  Best Browser Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome

As mentioned above, Google Chrome is entirely based on the Chrome browser code and the Chrome browser receives an update every 6-8 months. Google updates all-new features quickly, so Chrome doesn't offer any other security services.

Chrome also warns when we log into the website using HTTP instead of HTTPS. However, it is not as effective as Microsoft's Smart Screen system.

Bottom Line: If you're a developer or visitor to other websites, surf the Internet, prefer Microsoft Edge to avoid anonymous websites and crawlers. New Edge is definitely worth a try if you care more about your privacy and security.


 If you are a programmer or spend too much time browsing the Internet and visiting other websites, prefer Microsoft Edge to avoid anonymous websites and crawlers. New Edge is definitely worth a try if you are very concerned about your privacy and security. 

Password management 

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge provides the best password management system in the browser. Anyone can access the password by going to the Settings → Profile → Password menu. Microsoft Office 365 also provides a dedicated password manager with a subscription. 

Google Chrome

Google Chrome Password management Best Browser Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome

Google Chrome offers an amazing password management service in the browser. The feature is called the Chrome Password Manager, which gives you the auto-complete password for the corresponding email. If you have a Google The account on your Android smartphone, it will sync all data, including history, bookmarks and passwords, giving you strong password tips when needed. 


For password management, Google Chrome is considered in any web browser, including Microsoft Edge. Google Chrome offers its users the best password management feature. How it syncs across multiple platforms. 


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is compatible with Windows, macOS, and iOS and Android. Perhaps it will be available to the Linux operating system by the end of 2020. 

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is compatible with most operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. 

Some benchmark test results

After comparing both browsers on the basis of some personal property, we have some reference results to find a general comparison between both browsers and to know which browser is better.

Jet stream

Jet stream Best Browser Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome


Futuremark Peacekeeper

Futuremark Peacemarker Best Browser Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome


Octane Best Browser Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome


SunSpider  Best Browser Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome

Final Verdict

We use Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome to cover all the important aspects. But it is difficult to prioritize more than one, both web browsers are good in their own right, Google Chrome is the fastest, most accessible and most used web browser. The Edge is also faster but more secure and ensures your privacy.

Microsoft Edge has struggled to become one of the top browsers, and now with its upgrade to Chromium, the results are surprisingly different. Microsoft Edge shows impressive high performance and all available extensions and many more features.

So the choice is entirely yours, you can choose either one, both are excellent with their own advantages and disadvantages. But if you have privacy, Edge has an advantage over Chrome. And if your cross-platform accessibility is your need, Chrome is the best option.

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