Top 10 Firefox Add-ons and Extensions for SEO

Top 10 Firefox Add-ons and Extensions for SEO

Top 10 Firefox Add-ons and Extensions for SEO

Despite intense competition, Mozilla Firefox is still a popular web browser with a very loyal user base. As of April 2020, Firefox still has a browser market share of 8.49%, making it the third most popular web browser in the world.

If you are a SEO professional or blogger or entrepreneur looking for effective and fast ways to improve SEO for your site directly in your web browser, we have good news for you. There are many Firefox add-ons and plugins that you can install in your browser to make them an SEO engine.

In this article, we will unveil 10 of the best SEO Firefox plugins that you can install right away to improve your search rankings and increase your traffic.

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Top 10 SEO Extensions for Mozilla Firefox

1. SEOquake

SEOquake Top 10 Firefox Add-ons and Extensions for SEO

SEOquake, it is a free SEO extension by SEMrush which helps you accelerate your SEO efforts on the fly. SEOquake gives you a key SEO metrics for a particular page, along with other very useful tools such as the SEO Audit tool, the Keyword Density report, Internal/External link analysis, and even social metrics.

With SEOquake installed on your Firefox, you can:

  • Get into an SEO overview for any page at a glance
  • Discover your SERP competitors’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Analyze a webpage’s external and internal links
  • Get detailed information about your backlinks and much more.

Add SEOquake to Firefox

2. Mangools SEO Extension

Mangools SEO Extension Top 10 Firefox Add-ons and Extensions for SEO

Mangools SEO plugin allows you to speed up SEO in your browser.

With this free extension added to your Firefox, you can see all the top SEO metrics, popularity trends, backlinks, and SEO stats on one page for any domain or URL.

Add a Mangools SEO plugin to Firefox

3. SEO and Website analysis by WooRank

SEO and Website analysis by WooRank Top 10 Firefox Add-ons and Extensions for SEO

SEO and Website Optimization is a free Firefox extension from WooRank that provides a review for any specific website.

The SEO extension offers many tips for your website to improve its ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo. It is a powerful extension for digital marketing, SEO professionals, web developers, mobile developers, and bloggers.

Add  WooRank extension to Firefox

4. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar Top 10 Firefox Add-ons and Extensions for SEO

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar presents the most important SEO metrics for your web browser.

This plugin gives you instant access to your home page and keyword metrics, including domain rating (DR), URL rating (UR), estimated free search traffic, number of referring domains, number of backlinks and more.

The only problem? You need an active Ahrefs subscription to use this extension. We have covered Ahrefs extensively on this blog and it is an exceptional tool for link building and website analysis. Take a look at our in-depth review of Ahrefs for more information.

Add Ahrefs extension to Firefox

5. Foxy SEO Tool

Foxy SEO Tool Top 10 Firefox Add-ons and Extensions for SEO

Foxy SEO Tool is an exclusive addition to Firefox that provides quick and easy access to many search engine functions and traffic analysis websites from websites like Alexa, Compete and SEMrush.

With this tool, you can refer to your website list in important guides and references on Wikipedia, Twitter, and Facebook, and find shortcuts for useful networking features, social networking sites, and keyword search tools.

Add Foxy SEO Tool to Firefox

6. Majestic Backlink Analyzer

Majestic Backlink Analyzer Top 10 Firefox Add-ons and Extensions for SEO

Majestic Backlink Analyzer gives you instant information on the number of backlinks and domains that link to the URL and domain you are currently browsing.

With this Firefox add-on, you can display SEO metrics like cookie graphs, number of URL links, subdomains and root level, both flow metrics (Majestic Domain Reference Version) from 0 to 100 for the pages you visit.

While the above information can be offered free of charge, you will need an active Majestic subscription to unlock all major features. Majestic users can get more detailed data on backlinks and body text and access to Majestic backlink analysis tools.

Add a Majestic Backlink Analyzer to Firefox

7. Link Redirect Trace

Link Redirect Trace Top 10 Firefox Add-ons and Extensions for SEO

Link forwarding tracking allows you to perform a comprehensive, advanced analysis of links, redirects, and base URLs.

Here are some things you can use the Firefox add-on for:

  • Check the SEO problems on your site page
  • Check out SEO issues off your site page (inbound links)
  • Check out your competitors ’links
  • Check your links
  • Understand the entire redirect chain
  • Check your links after migrating or redesigning the site
  • Check if the short URL points to a dangerous website
  • Track redirect piracy website
  • Track advertising links and affiliate networks.
  • Add link forwarding tracking to Firefox

Add Link Derict Trace to Firefox

8. Search by Image

Foxy SEO Tool Top 10 Firefox Add-ons and Extensions for SEO

One of the most scalable ways to create high quality backlinks is to create links through reverse image search. For more information on this method of creating links, click here.

Fortunately, there is a Firefox add-on that reduces the manual labor associated with reverse image search.Search by Image is a browser extension that allows you to initiate reverse image search from the right-click context menu or from the browser toolbar.

This extension will find all the images in the region that was clicked, including those declared in the CSS. It also supports uploading local images and searching for images from private websites.

Add Image Search to Firefox

9. Link Research SEO Toolbar

Link Research SEO Toolbar  Top 10 Firefox Add-ons and Extensions for SEO

Link Tool SEO Toolbar allows you to view all advanced SEO metrics for every page you visit in Firefox.

Here are some things you can do with this extension:

  • See the strength and confidence of a field or page
  • Discover great places to get links from them
  • See how successful the page is on social media
  • Understand user interaction
  • See the strongest pages by keyword ranking
  • Detect drastic changes in the number of links
  • See the number of backlinks to the page.

Add SEO Tool Link to Firefox

10. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere  Top 10 Firefox Add-ons and Extensions for SEO

Firefox Everywhere Keyword Addition is a free keyword search tool that displays useful keyword search volume, cost-per-click (CPC) data, and competition data for more than 15 sites, including Google Search Console , Google Analytics and UberSuggest. , Majestic, Moz Open Site Explorer, ResperthePublic, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, Bing, Etsy and more.

This browser extension saves you the trouble of copying data from different websites and using the Keyword Planner tool in Google Ads to find out search volume and related CPC data.

Add keywords to Firefox everywhere

These are the top 10 Firefox add-ons and extensions, and we suggest you install them in Firefox.

Did you miss any of your favorite Firefox extensions for SEO? Let us know in the comment section.

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