Top 8 Best Sites to Receive SMS Online for Free via Temporary Phone Numbers

Top 8 Best Sites to Receive SMS Online for

 Free via Temporary Phone Numbers

Top 8 Best Sites to Receive SMS Online for  Free via Temporary Phone Numbers

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Top 8 Best Sites to Receive SMS Online for Free via Temporary Phone Numbers

Suppose you put your email addresses on websites whenever you want to sign up to participate in a discussion forum. Later, you will notice that your email is filled with messages from that site. Shame, right? You do not need to lose your privacy.

Have you recognized that you can receive SMS online through temporary phone numbers?

You can create your own temporary phone number to avoid SMS verification, and you don't have to pay a dime for it. You can log in to any websites that help you to receive SMS for free online. Difficult but simple, some free online phone number generating sites offer different benefits for communication and networking

You no longer have to provide your personal data when subscribing to different services. Access several web services you like by denying a raging stream of spam in the mailbox. Don't see many "promotional" emails that don't work properly.

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Why do you want to receive text messages online?

Here are some reasons why this might be a good idea.

  • You have not enabled a related SMS scheme.
  • Get unique passwords for different services, not just your real phone number for privacy reasons
  • You don't need to share your real phone number.
  • You don't want to connect your social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, with your number, which can be leaked sooner.
  • Pass iOS and Android Apps
  • Strong visualization or second registration security.
  • Online Gambling 

Top 8 Sites to Help You Receive Free Online SMS

To protect your privacy, you can receive online messages on your computer without registration, instead of using your real phone number.

Some of them maybe the VoIP number, which is a temporary phone number that is often used to transmit calls and text messages to users' private numbers, hiding the actual phone numbers. Others may be real phone numbers that are temporarily in use, which you can use to receive SMS for free.

Here are the best top 10 free sites from where you can receive SMS online without sharing your real phone number.


The site offers users several free virtual phone numbers for verification in different countries. You can select the number depending on the geographical location. Also, although the numbers listed on the site are public, the application must be discreet.

While professionals remain unequivocal, the free SMS service is indisputable. The simplest way is to provide credentials for a vague identity, without the unnecessary need to go through click testing. It is a great resource and is free to receive text messages online. It has an exponential range of over 228 countries with 24/7 customer service. You can choose any number you want to use on the site and voila! You will receive your SMS. 


Another great place to accept SMS online without registering, the website offers a list of temporary phone numbers that you can use. Choose between countries like Canada, UK and USA. The USA Here you have a good variety, but many numbers are fixed. Again, the messages you receive here are online, so everyone can read them.

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One of the most multipurpose sites out there, it helps you send and receive messages online. On the other hand, it only has SMS and phone numbers from Estonia, the host country Sellaie.

This is one of the most trusted fake phone number generation sites, as cellulite can quickly remove phone numbers from a website that is not working. The only the downside is that the SMS Gateway doesn't work if you can't send any requests to the Estonian home.

Also, some messages are not sent to these Estonian numbers, so please keep that in mind as well. 

4. Receive

This is another great platform for generating phone numbers to receive free SMS online. You can use it to easily accept one-time passwords. Although some users report that their virtual mobile numbers are zero, the site offers a deeper convenience experience. 


Please note that this is one of the best places to receive free SMS online, but you must register. Once you get the phone number, you can use it for practically everything
Call the USA or Canada As much as you like, receive an SMS or send one, or stream live TV as you want - this VoIP number is a great option. Add to this the fact that there are different monthly plans you can subscribe to, starting at $ 39.99 for free. You get your own private number online, which is a complete solution than ever before.

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With a a unique interface that provides quick access to everything, you can select numbers from both Canada and the USA. Another thing you might like is that you can pick up a fake phone number from major locations in two countries, such as Ottawa and Vancouver. You must first register to receive a link to your email, and then you can see the numbers.

Plus, temporary phone numbers change every month, ensuring that you can get a new number when you need it. The downside is that all the numbers you receive here are public, meaning that anyone can see the text messages you receive.

While you may not be able to send SMS like some other services, selecting different types of numbers is the best option.

7. The Pinger Text Free Web

Pinger Text Free offers solutions to problems you may have with services like Text Now. Pinger Text Free, anyone can register and use the portal free of charge. And did we mention that you get a real US phone number? The USA with this?

The Pinger Text Free Web

By registering, users have unlimited access to a variety of US phone numbers. The USA and to a weekly updated list of free virtual phone numbers. Although it is an excellent application, it does not manage to offer a complete performance. With that said, you like the advanced features like free calls and group chat that you can do with your US online phone number. You can also use emoji’s to make your chats more interesting.

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Remember that all the messages you receive here are public, although the platform aims to receive online messages freely and recklessly. This makes it better to accept registration passwords, but it's not good when it comes to chatting.

Receives Mainline is one of the most searched websites on the Internet for receiving SMS online and provides a simultaneous list of disposable phone numbers that you can use anywhere.

You have seven numbers to choose from and you can even buy your private numbers. You can select public numbers from India, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA, and many other countries, which is one of the best places when it comes to options. 


If you want to get a fake phone number to receive an SMS online, look at these websites. Here are some benefits of these sites.

  • Maintain confidentiality. Suppose your ex-wife wants to message you and does not want to disclose personal information.
  • Please provide relief if your phone is lost or damaged.
  • Live from the network without your phone.

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