Top 10 Mac OS Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts 2020

Top 10 Mac OS Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts 2020

Top 10 Mac OS Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts 2020
Top 10 Mac OS Tips, Tricks
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Below is a list of some of the lesser-known features, tips, and tricks that you can use on your Mac OS computer and save time on your book.

Apple's Mac OS is one of the most popular computer operating systems along with Windows. Today in this post, let's take a look at some of the best tips and tricks for saving time and using the Apple operating system to its full potential.

Now a das time management is the most intuitive topic, increasing the efficiency of your laptop with some time-saving tricks can make your day easier.

With the increase in PC users, the demand for Apple Mac OS is increasing. As you know, Mac OS is a powerful operating system with some great features, but most people don't realize the hidden features or settings that could save your valuable time.

The purpose of this post is to discover some features of Mac that can make it work much easier and allow geeks to get to know the operating system a bit.

The Best Hidden Tips and Tricks for Apple Mac OS

1. Lock screen

After a long wait, MacOS Sierra finally equipped itself with a much-needed lock screen feature.

You can enable it by pressing "Command [⌘] + Shift + Q" or by pressing the left corner Apple logo → Screen Lock.

Screen Lock for MAC OS - Top 10 Mac OS Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts 2020
Screen Lock for MAC OS
The screen will be locked immediately after these commands.

2. Add Emoji and special Characters in the Text

Emojis make text appear more expressive by adding fewer emotions or characters. This is really a good feature but is less well known.

You can add emojis and special symbols (arrows, asterisks, asterisks, currency symbols, Latin, parentheses, and illustrations).

The best part is that it can be used anywhere as a browser, text editor, Facebook, etc.

To turn on it, press "Control + Command [⌘] + Spacebar".

Characters in Text Top 10 Mac OS Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts 2020
Characters in Text

3. Make the Mac to Speach / Text to Speech

How good would it be if the MAC talked to you? You can make your Mac talk through Terminal, but what you need to do is type the text so the system can tune in and talk.

To make your OS say text

  • Open Terminal [Command [⌘] + Spacebar and type Terminal].
  • Now type "say" any text. (Without the quotation marks)

You can have the operating system read any Doc, PDF, etc.

To do it, select the text and "Right-click (touch two fingers) -> Sound -> Start speaking."

4. Hot Corner / Use all Corners Efficiently

These features help you to use the corners of the screen. It helps to perform a certain task when the mouse pointer moves to any of the corners.

It is best used to configure your Mac to sleep a little faster, that is, instead of doing a traditional way to get your Mac to sleep, you can use angles called Hot Corners.

To configure active angles, you need to open System Preferences -> Desktop and Screen Saver -> Active Corner (lower right corner) -> Then you must adjust the angles to perform the required task.

Hot corner Top 10 Mac OS Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts 2020
Hot corner 
Now when you drag the mouse pointer to the designated corner, it will do the desired work.

5. Caffeinate / Keep your Mac Awake

By default, Mac doesn't stay awake for a long time while downloading files, but if you want your PC to stay awake when downloading some big files, Caffeinate does the trick for you,

As the name implies, it does the job for an Apple computer in the same way that caffeine does for humans, not for sleeping.

The command must be written in the terminal ([command + space] -> terminal).

This command can be executed in various ways.

  • Add a timer to decide how long your Mac should stay awake.

Cavinet- t 5

(T = time in seconds)

  • You can manually stop the command by not setting the time

Caffeine [command starts]

[control + z] [to stop the command]

6. Smart Folder / Easy Folder Sorting

This is very useful many times. The name also suggests that he is very smart.

Note that you want to sort your files of the same type and store them in one folder, or you want to store all the images taken on a specific date in one folder, this arduous task can be done with a smart folder very easily.

All you have to do is go to Files (from Finder) -> New Smart Folder -> + -> select the required parameters and all the files will appear according to the specified parameters.
Smart Folder Top 10 Mac OS Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts 2020
Smart Folder

7. Screen Sharing / Remotely Computer Access

It is something that can be used soon often. Screen Sharing: Anyone sitting even in another country can access your computer remotely by accessing your system screen.

It is very useful when you want to control your files remotely from another computer.

Mac provides a built-in screen sharing feature. Command + Spacebar -> Share Screen. All you need to know is the Apple ID of the user you want to call.

Instead, there are many similar apps that can provide better functionality like TeamViewer and LogMeIn.

8.Things to Do SpotLight

You may wonder, but Spotlight can do a lot of things you don't even think about.

  • Calculator
  • Currency converter
  • Find even initial files with search sites
  • Get the weather of any city (Type: Weather "City name")
  • Find all files created on the specified date (Type: Images from December 2015)
  • You can get the definition of any word (type: defile "Word")
  • Open any application
  • Open email messages on the specified date

9. Document Sign / Document Security

Preview is a two-factor application that can be used in several ways: A useful application is the digital signature. Here you can sign directly on your trackpad, which can then be attached to any of the necessary documents for security reasons.

Sign Documents Top 10 Mac OS Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts 2020
Sign Documents
To do this, all you have to do is: Command + Spacebar -> Preview (select the image you want to place the signature on) -> Signature

10. Dictionary

It is something that is used more widely. Alternatively, you can install a grammarly app that does the same job, as well as it checks grammar and sentence syntax.

Conclusion :

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