Whatsapp Top New Features 2021

 Whatsapp Top New Features 2021

In the year 2021 Whatsapp has introduced Top New Features to its popular App. The Updated app includes the following new features: customers wallpapers, sticker search through text and emoji, and many more.

Whatsapp Top New Feattures 2021
Whatsapp Top New Features 2021

WhatsApp has announced that the Top New Features has been added to its popular App

Those features add custom wallpapers during different chats, sticker search by text or emoji, 

and many more. Those features may not look so important, but they help to improve the user experience. 

WhatsApp is not only the first Android app to work on custom wallpaper for each chat feature. 

Other Android apps do also have the same feature, but, those users who prefer Whatsapp will like this feature.

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The new features of Whatsapp become revealed just a few days later

WhatsApp had attached the greatest awaited “Disappearing messages” feature.

2021 Top New Whatsapp Features

The more initial release also had WhatsApp pay plus the “Forever Mute” option. 

The Latest Features additionally have separate wallpapers for Dark mode and Normal mode. 

WhatsApp has continued making enormous changes in recent months, and this is running towards making the app more convenient for all.

The most important addition so far is the WhatsApp Pay that was published when the Company got approval to do so. The movement was an unusual yet practical move. It made reason to do so as WhatsApp has a huge pool of users that would utilize WhatsApp Pay. To place things into view, WhatsApp owns around 400 million-plus users in India and all over the World. So there is a range for an increase of the pool of users that it already has.

Top New Features Whatsapp 2021

Discussing the "Disappearing Message Feature", WhatsApp has got inspiration from Snapchat which works around a similar disappearing messages premise. Moreover, one of the most important features that set apart WhatsApp from Snapchat is the time later which the messages disappear. In WhatsApp, if any user turns on the disappearing message feature, then the messages will disappear in the next seven days.

It is unusual to see such differences in the Facebook-owned company. There are also some thoughts regarding the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, however, it is better to wait for some official announcement before starting to conclusions. It makes us question what else it has in store for its users. Just time will say what Facebook intends to do to WhatsApp to obtain it bigger and more successful than it already is.

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