10 Ways to Create Backlinks for my Website for Free in 2021- #StopAsianHate

10 Ways to Create Backlinks for my Website for Free in 2021

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With just website builders including content management systems (CMS) ready to fill out the book, and like many web hosting companies, building an online platform has never been very simple. 

But where there is a problem many bloggers and new businesses are now facing it. There are more than 7.5 billion people living at any given time, and more than half of them are online. 

This means that, with the exception of those who do not have access to the Internet (and those who are too young or too old to use it), almost everyone has some access to the Internet. 

For many, this could be limited to social media accounts and subscription cracks, but there are still billions of business websites and blogs. 

So no matter what the nature of your online platform, you need to be smart and strategic if you want your site to stand out. 

The days of simply posting online and adding a few keywords are over. The world of search engine optimization has evolved to a point where even most novices know that there are hundreds of things that offer your level of experience.

Some of these things - especially keywords - are well known. The problem is that, with the rise of voice search, 

keywords are no longer the dominant SEO tool. Many SEO experts go further and say that keywords are outdated. 

And while it is impossible for them to cross completely, relying on keywords is suicidal. That’s where the backlinks come in.


What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are probably one of the most important aspects of SEO (if not more). Unfortunately, and too high on the 

list of SEO metrics you don’t have a lot of control over - but we’ll help you with that in a moment.

Simply put, a backlink is an external link that directs users' attention away from one site and another. 

You certainly want to include backlinks to your content, but most importantly there should be backlinks that serve as incoming redirection. In other words, you want to have other sites and pages that point to your link.

Backlinks come with live traffic, which is when someone enters your site or through a search engine results page (SERP). 

That’s because search engine website pages look for backlinks especially when building their search engine index, 

so the platform can better understand how your pages are linked. Most importantly, backlinks also tell search engines how your content relates to other websites and online pages. This helps to position your page in the SERP properly so that you can attract live traffic with relevant search queries.

The way search engines index and index your pages are also directly related to the quality of your backlinks. 

All backlinks will help search engines rank your content accordingly, of course, but that alone does not have a significant impact on your ranking.

That’s why it’s important to generate backlinks to even authorized websites. These visual sites are already limited to topics similar to yours.

Creating quality backlinks can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Here are 25 ways to build (or obtain) 




In our introduction above, we mentioned that backlinks are a term that is closely associated with external links to your site and pages, but internal links are also the same as the name. All backlinks provide a way for search engines to link to your website because they help webmasters use to develop and update search engine indexes to understand how your content relates to the content on other websites.

Internal links contribute to creating a better user experience because visitors can easily navigate your site and find relevant articles that add or match the page they are already viewing. This is very important for SEO because it allows 

you to retain visitors: instead of typing in another search query to get more relevant, relevant information, you provide a way for them to find it on your site.

One of the most common ways this will play to your advantage is that your content contains technical terms that are relevant to your field. You want readers to understand your writing, but inserting an explanation into the first example of a whole technical term creates a messy content structure.

That’s why you found another page that goes into more detail on that name because it fits your industry and your target market. Converting the first technical name to your page into an anchor text that contains an internal backlink to the description page ensures that your readers have everything they need around them.

Be careful not to overload your pages with internal links, however. A good rule of thumb is to keep backlinks on each page up to less than 100, and you want to include external links in the calculation (you'll see why it's so small).



It may sound like you are helping another site build its resources and make more ideas for yourself, but this is a case of mutual help. After all, sending guests is very different from air writing. As a ghostwriter, you get no credit for the content or anything else. But all guest posts are entirely attached to the author, not the host.

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Absolutely, this benefits the hosting site to generate views, but this is ok for the visitor writer because it usually involves a backlink to your site. Visitor submissions are one of those situations where you don't just create a backlink to improve the quality of your SERP search engine index, which should not be your focus at all. This is a great way to make your name known there, make your content available to new readers and win increased online visibility. Visitor submissions, especially to authoritative sites in your industry, build your online reputation in a big, big way.

But it can take a long time to find opportunities to make guest posts if you do it the wrong way. One surefire way to find new and better opportunities is to use sites like Twitter. By using the search function, you can find more authoritative sites that are looking for regular guest post providers. Just type in "your niche" + guest posts 



Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a great online resource for making backlinks to authoritative news sites. All you need 

to do is register as a source, which takes less than a minute to do, and you will receive three emails a day every 

Monday through Friday (05h35, 12h35, and 17h35 ET). These are the requests of the source, which is a list of articles that journalists need information about. Each one includes a summary (usually the intended subtitle of the article), the title category, and the reporter's email address (from which you will be posting details). It will also include the name of the site where the document will be published, the journalist's deadline, and a description of what information they need.

Of course, you will not be able to comment on every single question. First, it could be more than a hundred emails you receive, and not all of them will work in your industry. All you have to do is scan the list to find out what covers your location, and then send a donation voice to a hidden journalist email! On your pitch, you’ll include your answer to the reporter’s question and your contact details — which may include a link to your site.

You are not guaranteed to get a backlink to all your HARO response questions because the reporter may not use the information you provide. After all, you will be getting a lot of answers, and some may be more important than others. But more often than not, you will be rewarded with a backlink to a higher site.



Everyone finds themselves turning to the following blogs for details, but sometimes readers want or need something more than what the post posted. That's where you come in. Find blogs that cover your industry, either directly or by posting some of the products and (or) services that make up your component, and start following them. There are many reasons to do so, and we’ll talk more about them later in this article, but one of the easiest ways to do so can help you build backlinks by going through the comments section.

Many bloggers (and we include vloggers on sites like YouTube) often invite their readers to ask questions or add their own ideas, news, and comments to the comments section. Questions are usually answered by the actual poster itself, and most bloggers will try to respond to every comment, but often some of the best answers come from other readers. And that's where you come in.

First, if you notice that there are missing or uncovered details in a post, you can make a comment that gives that information. And by reading the questions of other students, you may also find opportunities to give answers.

Sometimes, you will find that the answer another student wants is too long for you to write us a comment. Use these opportunities to give a concise answer, and end with a link to your article.

Another area where people turn to forums is forums like Yahoo Answers and Google Groups, as well as specific industry 

(or product) options. This offers a very similar opportunity as does the blog comment section.



All companies, large and small, like to show the evidence you have received from their customers. In fact, you'll find that most business sites show little evidence of selection on their homepage, and a few have full pages dedicated to customer reviews (which always have a link to the homepage — often something like "customer success stories"). Here is an example of what a testimonial page looks like.

So how do you turn this into an easy way to get quality backlinks for your site? The first step is to sit down and list the products and services you have used recently. A good rule of thumb is to think about those you have used regularly 

(or started using) in the last six months. This may take a while and maybe a continuous process, but it is a very long part of the process.

Next, you'll want to see if their sites have a proof page or not. If they do, spend some time writing a brief, positive review of your experience using the product or service, and helping them. Most sites have a feedback feature or will add a testimonial email account to their contact page.

And that's all! You won't even want a link because almost always they will automatically install you - just to prove that you are a real person. Be sure to mention that they are allowed to use your testimony on their homepage because this is where your link will get the most exposure.

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6. Blogger Review

Testimonials on other sites are a great way to create backlinks, but there is also an equally good option that allows evidence in your product or service to be a source of backlinks to your site.

How? By donating it to bloggers in your industry for free. While this is not a freeway to build backlinks, the cost is very low, and the results should pay off immediately.

So what you want to do is search for bloggers that provide specific updates to products and services in your industry. 

Reduce the results to the official ones before moving on to the next step.

That's where you want to donate. Follow this guide:

Start with a friendly greeting, and say that you were looking for articles in your article when you found their posts. 

Recommend them for their content, and let them know that you offer a product or service similar to the topic. Mention what you usually charge for, and say you would like to give it away for free. All you would like them to do is consider 

making a name for your business on their blog or perhaps making a review.

When they are excited, they will come back to you. One thing you should know is that this method is not guaranteed to always work because you can't force bloggers to write good reviews - you get to them honestly. You want to be careful about how you communicate because asking for a link (or even reviewing) is a violation of the Google Webmaster Guidelines.



The Moving Man Method was developed by SEO Marketer Extraordinaire Brian Dean as a way to get the highest quality, 

quality backlinks on the scale. It is a three-step process that can greatly increase the organic content of your site, and it works by replacing obsolete links with your own.

Step 1: Identify Your Goals

The first step is to find companies in your niche that have closed, changed names, submitted URLs, or are no longer reviewing their sites. These unwanted sites often contain hundreds if not thousands of links pointing to them at least and which could have a negative impact. The expertise of the Moving Man Method (and where it differs directly from the Broken Link Building) is that these links are often “not violated” in the traditional sense. They usually suffer from old or parked domains so they will not be 404 and will not be flagged by broken link testers. Site owners are eager to replace broken and new links, but they are often unaware of the problem.

Now how do you find these sites? Yes, there are a few methods you can use and you will be happy to hear that they are all very simple. The first and most obvious resource for your brain. You probably already know about some of the companies that have recently left or re-operated. A few great, typical examples would be Border and SEOmoz. When the Borders bookstore closed its doors, broads.com had 180,000 backlinks that were no longer valid and could not be caught. 

While SEOmoz was renamed as Moz most of its backlinks were redirected to its new site, but the content was incorrect. 

These are the metallic gold backlink machines for the Traveler!

Another great service is Google News. Just type in any keyword for your niche and "shut down", "out of business", 

"rebranded" (or something about those lines) and you'll introduce the right terms. Next, try a regular Google search 

that includes your niche keyword (let's go with bananas) for the following search terms:

"Banana service not available"

"Banana page is no longer available"

"Bananas for this website are no longer being reviewed"

"Bananas this page is no longer reviewed"

"Bananas are no longer available"

"Banana website is closed"

"Banana quotes needed"

"Banana is a dead link"

(Please note: Some of these examples do not work very well with "bananas"!)

Some lesser-known but less important sites for looking at large auction sites like GoDaddy Auctions, Namejet, or Flippa.

 When an authorized authority, the maximum value expires (usually when the company is closed or rebuilt), it is taken by one of these guys rather than returned to the normal pool. They all have useful guides to look for to find outdated old-fashioned domains that you can harvest with backlinks.

Step 2: Burn Tools

Once you have identified the correct value domain, it is time to reveal all the sites that link to it. Luckily, this is the simplest part of the entire process thanks to tools like Ahrefs or Majestic. Just enter the URL of the source you are currently using in the tool (you can use the URL of a specific page or the URL of the homepage only if the whole site has expired) to see the number of backlinks pointing to. The higher the number, the greater the chance. 

Finally, open a full list of backlinks to see exactly what you're doing, and export your output to Excel.

Step 3: It's a Winning Case

To identify your relevant sites and post their list of backlinks, which is where the real craft comes into play. 

You need to find the owners of these sites to send them a message, let them know about their broken links, 

and suggest a better alternative - a link to your site! There is no denying that this part of the process is very good and there is no automatic method. When you start to get tired, just remind yourself that what you have been doing for hours now would have taken weeks.

When you make a connection, you want to be friendly, short, and orderly. Here is a recommendation as what you can say:

"Hello. I found your page about (x) today and saw that you have a link to (old company). So as you may have heard, 

(the old company) left the business. You may want to remove that link. Also, I recently published an app about the same thing in - (your link). It can make a great addition to your page. In any case, love this article, keep up the good work! "

If you have an e-commerce site and want the owner to post a broken link with yours, then your message may be too short:

“Hello. Under your great review about (x), there is a broken link (of that old company). The product is now on sale at (your link). Thank you. ”

Most of the time, owners are unaware that their links are broken and will be very happy if you tell them. The kindness shown, combined with how easy it is now to change links, often leads them to do just that. This is a real win-win exchange also a no-brainer as site owners. All you have to do is make sure your content is killer. And now create a new contact that you can reach in the future.

When you have it. Three Steps of Moving Man Method to try today.

To obtain authoritative sites which carry multiple links over different pages. By using Domain Hunter Plus, you can observe which of certain links lead to sites loading blank pages. Next, you would like to use a program like (Ahrefs(https://ahrefs.com/) to download a list of all the backlinks pointing to that site.

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Broken links are inactive links. Some of the reasons why links do not work include:

  • Website no longer available
  • The webpage has been moved without any additional additions
  • Website URL format changed

If you click on the broken link, you will see a 404-page error or similar message stating that the webpage is not available.

Broken Links and SEO

Search engines see links as a quality website vote. Links to your website and links within your website can affect where your website achieves search results. Because of this, it is best to get used to removing or updating broken links.

Removing broken links may attach the context to your site, enhance the user experience, also create content over your website more comfortable to viewers and search engines. On the other hand, websites with too many broken links can be a file for the low-quality signal in search engines.

Many websites have broken links that can be removed.

The natural tendency for links, in the end, to be broken is called link rot, and it is a widespread problem. Maciej CegÅ‚owski, like bookmarking service, Pinboard analyzed link rot also observed that “you can assume to waste nearly a quarter of [link] every seven years. ”

One of the main reasons a rot link exists because websites are not available when discarded or when interests change. 

A (study analyzing the links identified in the scientific papers found that the average life expectancy of sample websites was 9.3 years.

Both websites and active links do not work permanently, so regularly repairing broken links is a good practice, especially because links within your website can affect how high your website ranks in search results.


9. Link Reclamation

Link retrieval is the process of finding out about your product online and asking the publisher to convert it into a link.

Mention can come in all shapes and sizes, usually first in terms of type. That’s a solid start, but our link retrieval process is growing exponentially, so I’ll include some of the information we need, how to get it, and tools you can use to move forward so you never miss another chance!

Links break down over time. When this happens, you lose all of that value. Here's how to put one together for use with your lost and broken links.

Link retrieval is an important part of an effective SEO strategy, but it can seem intimidating if you don’t understand what it is, or why it’s important.

Building links is not an easy task, so when your hard-working links disappear suddenly or you get a broken backlink, it can be frustrating, undermining your SEO efforts, and damaging the overall integrity of your site.

Learning to recover lost links will help:

  1. Find the link value again.
  2. Create your own profile.
  3. Improve the SEO of your site with full authority.


10. HELPING Hacked Sites

Thanks to series like Mr. Robot and movies like Blackhat (2015), more and more people are realizing how often websites are attacked. More recently, hack ware attacks have caused widespread panic around the world.

But thousands of sites are hacked every day in a very subtle way. Some hacks cause your site to start spam emails you do not receive in your inbox or add pages that promote and sell prescription drugs.

When a site is hacked to load pages peacefully, it is not good for the site owner - especially since they are unlikely to see it for themselves unless they are constantly watching them. But if you can find stolen sites in your industry, you can turn them into a backlink opportunity.

To find such sites, all you need to do is use the in URL: keyword + "keyword" search string. Inurl: fitness + "Viagra" is a typical example of how to get hacking pages in the firming industry.

Next, you will notify the site owner of this page, providing a link to it so they can quickly find gambling behind their site builder or content management system and get rid of it. Sometimes, as a token of gratitude, they will ask if there is any way they can give it back to you. This is where you state that you have just published an article they might be interested in, and then ask if they would like to add a link to one of their top pages. It's that easy!

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