What is Event Blogging And How to Start

What is Event Blogging And How to Start

Event Blogging:

Friends, during this Post today, we are getting to tell you what's Event Blogging, how you'll make your occasion Blog, how you'll make money from that blog, so let's start.

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What is Event Blogging

Once we create a blog associated with anybody festival, Event, or important day, that Blog is named an occasion Blog, because that whole Blog tells about only and just one Event. Additionally, if you update many Events on the same blog, it'll still be called an event Blog, because only things related to the Event are available thereon.

So it may not be wrong to consider that if we create a blog to focus on an event, then it is called an event blog. If we suggest the foremost searched topics in Google in the USA, then you'll be surprised to understand that whenever a festival in the United States comes close, then the Searches associated with it suddenly increase.

This search is such tons that if your Blog is ranking on the very best, you'll quickly earn up to 1000 dollars once in a while. This is often the rationale that the bulk of the bloggers who are old within the Blogging Field today do Event Blogging.

But if you're new to this field, then we'll not suggest to you in the least that you start your carer with Event Blogging. Because by the time you prepare your Blog, the Event will come, and you will not be able to rank your Blog because of which all of your diligence could also be wasted.

So first, you create a traditional blog and learn to blog well, and only then do you go towards Event Blogging.

The way to Start Event Blogging

To start an Event Blog, you'd like many things about which we are telling you here.

1: Choose an Upcoming Event

Firstly, you've to prepare about an event that you want to focus on, like Christmas, Halloween, Independence Day, New Year's, any event that you know that we should always target this Event.

One thing you have to always remember is that before choosing an event, you have to concentrate on when will the Event will be, being Searches regularly start before one week of the event. So if you wish to specialize in an event, then you have to start work on a minimum of 3-4 months previously, then only you will be able to make some useful posts on time.

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What is Event Blogging And How to Start

2: Find a subject

 After finalizing the event, you have to choose Topics, on which Topics you would like to make posts, such as Quotes, Images, Videos or Short Messages, and so on. Because only after deciding the topics, you'll have the thought that on which topic you've got to make what percentage posts and what quiet content to create.

So that you get the thought that what proportion work you've got to try to to to finish the Blog on time. Therefore, do entire research online before creating a blog. That is, inspect the old blogs available thereon event and understand how they have to figure on their Blog.

3: Keyword Research

If you'd wish to bring Traffic from the program on any blog, then Keyword Research is extremely important, because it shows you which are keywords that are easy to rank thereon Event, what percentage of such keywords are more difficult.

By this, you may get the thought, what percentage Searches were or last appeared on which Keyword. There are many tools that you'll use for Keyword Research like

Google Keyword Planner



4: Buy a Website Name

it's essential to own a custom domain to make a blog, because it's very easy to rank a custom domain, and other people also mat trust in your Blog. By this, your Target Event or Keyword is in your domain, which makes it very easy to rank it.

you'll use Godaddy to get the domain. If you are a first Time Domain Buyer, then you get a .com extension from Godaddy up to 199 only. Usually, every blogger uses the .com Extension for Event Blogging, however, this Event has got to target the USA, so you'll also get it. In Extension, which you get slightly cheaper.

5: Setup Event Blog

To make a blog, you'd sort of a platform, where you'll easily create your Blog. Nowadays, Blogger and WordPress are two big user-friendly CMS Platforms where you'll create your entire Blog without Coding.

Allow us also to inform you slightly about these two platforms.

Blogger this is often a product provided by Google and is additionally absolutely free if you use a custom domain to form a blog on Blogger, then you'll easily create a knowledgeable Blog. Which reduces the worth of making a blog. Because to form a blog on Blogger, you're doing not need to buy hosting.

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By this, if you like to work towards Event Blogging, then Blogger is the simplest for you despite what dimension traffic comes on the Blog built on Blogger, its loading speed doesn't matter. With this, there is no need to worry about Bandwith.

WordPress is best than WordPress-SEO's Point of View and Responsive Blog with Quality Design's Point of View, as you get many plugins to undertake to on-page SEO, which can assist you tons to form high-quality content. Is.

But if you'd wish to make a blog with a custom domain on WordPress, then you will need to form a Hosting Purchase, able to which may increase the value of your Blog slightly but it'll be straightforward to urge you ranked within the order that you're going to be ready to earn good money too.

6: Best Design Responsive Template

It is very essential to possess the Responsive Design of a blog that can easily open in any and every browser of Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, and Desktop and also present your content well.

As we told you that you simply could use Blogger or WordPress to form a blog, so now, see from the aim of view of Template, you get Free and Paid Templates on both. By installing them on your Blog, you'll provide a knowledgeable look to your Blog.

7: Create Quality Content

Content is everything for a blog because, with its assist, you'll rank your Post on Google, and your content should be user-friendly so that users can easily understand your content. SEO Optimized Content and User-Friendly Content both come in Quality Content. So that program can crawl your content well, and being user-friendly means people's engagement should be maintained on your content, lest the user after coming to your Blog think that he has made an error.

Therefore, you've to form SEO Optimized Content, keeping in mind the need of the user, which can be difficult, but with practice and knowledge, you'll do this.

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8: High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are very important to rank a blog on Google. 

There are two variants of Backlinks -

Do-Follow Backlinks

Do-Follow Backlinks are people whom program Crawl can identify, ie. With this, the program knows what percentage of various websites are jockey connected with your Blog and trusts your Blog.

No-Follow Backlinks

No-Follow Backlinks cannot be program Crawl but are also vital because a click on them redirects the user to your Blog. With the help of Backlinks, the program identifies which are the Trusted Sites and where the traffic is coming from, to your website / Blog.

9: Promote your Blog on social media

it's vital to possess Instant Traffic and Social Traffic to urge any blog ranked quickly, because it shows what is the worth of your Blog on social media, people understand your content such a lot better.

Therefore, you should promote your Blog more and more on social media and use all popular social media sites. such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Telegram, and more.

10. Possible Ways to Make Money By Event Blogging

Usually, there are some ways to earn money from a blog, but there are two ways you'll use to make cash from an event Blog-

Advertisement Network

you'll monetize your Blog with the help of Advertisement Networks, which makes it easy to determine advertisements on your Blog. When any user clicks on these ads and gets purchased those Clicks ie, CPC. There are many Advertisement Networks available today, but if you'd wish to earn extra cash, then you'll use Google Adsense.

Affiliate Marketing

The second hottest, thanks to earning money through Blog, is Affiliate Marketing, from where you'll join the Affiliate Program of any website that sells products, and then you'll sell their products by promoting through your Blog.

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