WhatsApp Features 2022

WhatsApp Features 2022

WhatsApp Features 2022

Compared to all other messaging platforms, WhatsApp has the highest reach today.
WhatsApp is undoubtedly the leading messaging platform and today has more than a billion users actively sending messages and communicating via voice around the world. The company was acquired by Facebook and the messaging app is completely free. WhatsApp developers initially released the phone number-based messaging app for easy communication; however, it took the Internet like a storm. The popularity of the free messaging app has led developers to keep updating more and more of WhatsApp's features. Though the features are slowly emerging (compared to other popular apps that already have many of them) on WhatsApp. While users might say that other apps were already ahead of WhatsApp, a slow implementation works well in WhatsApp's favor. First, users have time to familiarize themselves with each feature and start using it as soon as it is released. If you already have all of the features, you may not remember half of them as you use them. And finally, each function is introduced after thorough tests for efficiency, data saving, and performance.
To date, WhatsApp has released many features that you can use on messages. Aside from messaging features, there are several tweaks and tricks you can do with WhatsApp. We've put together almost all of the 40 features, tips, and tricks that WhatsApp users can use to become a WhatsApp jockey. 


This is how the WhatsApp messaging application platform informs users when their messages sent through the platform have been read by the recipient.

When we send a voice message to a contact, Whatsapp is notified by a blue double check that the sound is playing. However, if the audio is being sent and received correctly by the user but not heard, we double-check the familiar gray.

Although it was initially suspected that notification of a message would go through a triple check; the blue double-checking voice messages expect the WhatsApp application to notify the user reading the message in this way.

The good news is not only for the users but also for the firms which are currently using WhatsApp as a marketing tool, because Paco, owner of a butcher's shop in Castellón, uses the application to inform their customers about the daily offer. Thanks to this new update, you can now measure the real impact of your commercial activities through this instant messaging service.


After the controversial update, WhatsApp was modified. The company has decided that its blue "checkmarks", through which you can see if the recipient has read your messages, are optional, not mandatory, WhatsApp and allow us to turn off read receipts. The WhatsApp service has released a new update to users to remove that "annoying" double "tick" blue that is currently only available on its website for Android.

How do I turn off WhatsApp double-checking?

Because I realize that I leave the following.

It is clear that we don't like ourselves and we don't control the internet in the last few days.


WhatsApp allows you to "unread" entire conversations. So if someone wrote and read you a message, but you want to keep it pending, you can read it later.

Simply record a conversation and click “Mark as unread”. This doesn't remove the blue stick in the other person but leaves a green circle in the conversation so you can remind yourself to read later.


Tired of asking permission to add or add someone to a WhatsApp group? It is now easy to have more than one administrator of group chats.

Enter the window group information and click the member you want to make an administrator. Under the options, you will find "Make group administrator".

Having multiple administrators makes it easier for you to add or remove attendees.


With this new feature, you can block a user and report them as spam when we receive a new message from a number that is not registered in the agenda. Otherwise, we can just add him as a new contact.

Denounced that users consider spam.


If you need to tell a lot of people but want to do it privately, you can do so using the Broadcast Message feature.

From the Chats screen, press the menu key and create a 'New Mailing List'. Now all you have to do is select the contacts you want to send the message to.

Spread your message on WhatsApp.


We all have a group that is sometimes WhatsApp to test our patience.

To reduce the urge to destroy the phone every time we receive a notification of such groups, we can go to the Group Information window and press the "Group Mute" option.

Ignore the groups using the excess Whatsapp.


WhatsApp calls are already active, we need to have at least a modern version of WhatsApp which is 2.11.561 because in this version we have data that works for everyone.

The new interface looks like WhatsApp.


Here is the official method to use your application on a computer. The difference is that, firstly, it only works with Google Chrome, and secondly, your phone needs to be turned on and connected to the internet, that is, it needs to be available to receive messages.

If no messages arrive on your smartphone, your WhatsApp will not arrive on your PC either. Here are the steps:

WhatsApp was updated via Google Play.

Always enter the page through Chrome.

In WhatsApp, move to Settings -> WhatsApp Website

Scan the QR code in your PC's browser.

The WhatsApp website will open automatically.

This is what the WhatsApp website looks like.


We can do this simply by opening Settings and selecting Account Information. -> Privacy -.> This time it's the ult. Vez selects everyone. Very easy!

Easy and goodbye problems! 


How many times did he scare us when he saw the phone bill because it was being used up by megabytes per month.

To prevent this, WhatsApp is set so that the files are only downloaded via WiFi networks and never via our cellular provider. What? So:

Open the application and right-click the menu button at the top. Once there, we go to Settings → Chat → Automatic download. Multimedia.

To get there, you simply have to choose what you want to download as it is automatically connected to the cellular network. Would you like downloads to be connected to the WiFi?

Are you annoyed about the automatic download?


First, you can only do this if we are the administrators of the group. If we're just guests, we can't. If we are managers, we need to enter the group information (click on the name of the group in conversation) then we look for the one we want to kick and click on his name. A menu will open and we can eliminate it. Simple!

We can only kill people in the group if we are the stewards of the group.


Write a message to a group that minutes passed and no one replied. It could be because of two things, or because they passed you by, or because the message has not yet been read.

The first ones can't know if it's true, but we know if they read the message or not.

To do this, you have to simply lower your message until you see an information icon (i) inside a circle at the top. The press and information of the message, who received it at what time and also who read it, and the time appears again. If everyone has read and no one answers, maybe it's true that you ... or the joke is spending really badly. 

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